Too good an afternoon to pass on so with a modest wash down it was off to see if the bluffs were getting fall colors.  Looks like another week or two.

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Nice pics. Thanks for sharing them. Where were they taken?

Labels on pics, between upper Mississippi 204.5 and 216,
Just above Alton, IL and below the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

Thanks Tim. One of the things I like about this forum is the ability to learn about other boating styles. Thanks for the map. I was able to locate it on Google Earth and virtually travel up the river by the coast road to Grafton. Enjoyed it.

My experience has been tropical salt water, mainly southern Florida, the Florida Keys, Bahamas and Grand Cayman. Learning about lakes, rivers, winter haul out etc is very interesting.

Jay, what a great experience that must be.  I was not certain about adding the links to charts was a good move but could not think of a better way for description.  I will try to remember to use the Google Earth link in the future.  Glad you enjoyed it.  We are off in our camper for the next 5 or 6 days so when we return maybe the colors will have developed.  In good years it appears that a pallet of orange, yellow and red has spilled down the bluffs.  This area from the juncture of the Illinois River over to the Missouri River was almost totally under water in the 1993 flood and reminded us of the great flow that must have created this area since the Missouri River bluffs are miles away from the pictured Mississippi River bluffs.  Interestingly up the Illinois River and over to the Mississippi is Calhoun County Illinois.  Calhoun County has a very strange topography of bluffs and hills of several hundreds of feet tall.  It was not glaciated so it has a very distinct topography from the northern areas which surround it.  There is also an uplift through the area near the Illinois River mouth that is fairly dramatic.

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