Just did it today for the first time. Gorgeous fall day. Settles right down at idle. Evens out above 1600. Very erratic jumping needle. I did clean both engines yesterday Simple green and a rag followed by carb cleaner. I could throw a sending unit at it. Just wondering what else is likely.

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Pull the wire, clean the contact surfaces, consume a martini for the water gods of vagary and try again.  It may not help but you will feel better for having done it, it may require a second martini.  It also may indicate you should run above 1600.  Good news is that pressure is indicated.

sending unit or bad ground . 

Both are possibles. Usually a loose wire on the sending unit causes this. 

Had this problem before.  Stuck oil filter by-pass valve causing the oil pump relieve to cycle. CHANGE YOUR OIL FILTER.

Dwayne Jones

Thanks for the suggestions and experiences. I will take a look at the wire on the sender. I suspect that strongly, since the problem started after cleaning the engines. I never thought of the oil filter, but the oil pressure readings are prefect 400 rpm above or below 1200. Something to keep in mind, I suppose it could be rpm related due to flow changes. Until I get it sorted, I will stay out of that rpm range.
The oil pressure sensor wire nut was bouncy loose. We have a winner! Thanks Lee and all other boat detectives that chimed in.

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