Hi everybody,

I just bought my first 31 commander, she's a -73 (I think)wich has thru 94-95 been restored to a great close to original condition. However, the bottom paint is today red, and during the coming winter, I'd like to go back to the original color. Does anybody know for sure what it was, and what manufacturer produces it? I live in Sweden, so I suppose we have less brands here, but still I might find it somewhere. See picture attached, it's my boat on an old picture, supposedly before the restoration, any one who can tell me what it might be?

Also, while I'm at it, my hin is FXA.31.8020, anyone knows the history? I know it was sold new in Sweden, but the seller claims it was US made, but from what I can tell by the hin, it was Italian made. Any ideas?

Really greatful to finally own one of these amazing vessels. Best regards from the Stockholm archipelago,


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Congratulations, Philip. To my knowledge, there is no 'authentic' bottom color, as boats would have been shipped to the dealer and then bottom painted. Mine is blue (as in your photo) but I'm changing it to black this season.

p.s.  back in the days when these boats were built, pretty much all bottom paint was copper and therefore copper colored.

Hi Jim, thanks. Ok, so perhaps I differs depending on location, copper paint has been banned here in the Baltic Sea for many years, but is now allowed again in lesser concentrations, so perhaps I can look into that? I heard the name "aqua blue" but I guess that is no specific color...search goes on! :)

Jim Frens said:

p.s.  back in the days when these boats were built, pretty much all bottom paint was copper and therefore copper colored.

Just use whatever you think looks good and you'll be happy!

Thanks, sounds like a good advise, it's an amazing boat, less fun to drive here in Sweden, where 95octane gasoline cost $7 per gallon at sea...:(

Take care!

Jim Frens said:

Just use whatever you think looks good and you'll be happy!

There should be a letter after your Hull number that will tell you what plant it was built at. The Italian models I've seen are abit different than the US models. That one looks just like my 1966 which is odd since they changed the windshield lines abit in 1969.

The original bottom color on my '66 is Copper Bronze. It's still under the other layers of paint, found it when sanding in a couple places. The sales brocher I have shows it with a copper bronze bottom too.

The original bottom paint color of US made 31's was copper bronze, and the bootstripe was Midnight Blue.


Some of my friends have used this and it both looked and performed pretty good. Perhaps there's a European source for Petit paints. This combination of colors looks nice. Here's a picture of our 31 a whole bunch of years ago. It's late in the season and the bottom is a little dirty, but you can clearly see how the two colors look.

Wait one moment everyone.  There was a color change to a light blue bottom paint across the board starting with the 1972 models of which on some boats there were Sapphire blue accents including the all around stripe.  The sapphire blue accents on the sides of the house was and is still made by Interlux in the USA (International in Europe).  As to the make of the light blue bottom paint I am not sure.  At that time, CC used a lot of paint from both Pettit and Interlux.  We also had a 1973 31 Commander Sports, so this is how I know these facts.  BTW, 1973 was the last year of production for this model.  I believe the only person that can fill you in on this with precision would be Jim Wick.

Furthermore, there is a very good chance that your boat was built in the Italian facility.  I presume you will find this out at the Maritime Museum records.  I have attempted to find a pic to no avail however, the brochure in the attachment shows the blue bottom applied to the 31's along with the rest of the fleet.  Your answer resides inside that brochure.  Good Luck!

Jim Rivas

Jim, thank you very much for all the great info, i have ordered the brochure, great tip! So ill check the records, would be Nice to know for shure where & when she was. built. I'll call the international rep. here in Sweden, perhaps he can find out more about the specific color and type of paint.

Thanks once again!

Best regards,

Your hull number will tell you when and where. The 8 tells me it was built in the 9th model year, which would make it a 1975. There should be a letter after the number that is the plant code. For example my boat is FXA 31 0047 H, FXA Commander, 31 length, 0 first year for the model, 047, 47th 31 Commander built that year H Holland Michigan plant

Hi Philip,

No idea of the original color, but the fact that you have one in the Stockholm archipelago is awesome! I've been to Stockholm a few times, and it's always been a dream to go back and rent a boat to explore. Good to know that my twin 31 is traveling the waters there.

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