Hi everybody,

I just bought my first 31 commander, she's a -73 (I think)wich has thru 94-95 been restored to a great close to original condition. However, the bottom paint is today red, and during the coming winter, I'd like to go back to the original color. Does anybody know for sure what it was, and what manufacturer produces it? I live in Sweden, so I suppose we have less brands here, but still I might find it somewhere. See picture attached, it's my boat on an old picture, supposedly before the restoration, any one who can tell me what it might be?

Also, while I'm at it, my hin is FXA.31.8020, anyone knows the history? I know it was sold new in Sweden, but the seller claims it was US made, but from what I can tell by the hin, it was Italian made. Any ideas?

Really greatful to finally own one of these amazing vessels. Best regards from the Stockholm archipelago,


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Hey Guys:

Let's not forget our own CC Webmaster, Alarik von Hofsten, who also resides in Valmo, Sweden on his 31 Commander.  This is a Holland, MI built vessel of which he exported to Sweden about 10 years ago.

Best Regards,

Jim Rivas

The last year of USA production for the 31 Commander of all models was in 1973.  Maybe the plant in Italy kept on producing them until 1975.  This information is at the Mariners Museum in Virginia.

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