While working on my holding tank plumbing (not a pleasant job, but at least I found the leak) I had to remove the port side exhaust hose. I had noticed some weeping from it last season, so assuming I was going to replace it anyway, I cut it off because it didn't want to slide off the elbow. Now taking a closer look, it looks like the weep was from the elbow or the riser / elbow joint, running down to where the hose connects, and dripping from there into the bilge. So the question is, is there a source for replacing these Osco manifolds / risers / elbows? The right side looks fine (knock on wood!).  Motor is a 350Q with closed cooling.



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Google pops up with lots of options.  Might take a few conversations to get what you need specifically.

I sent emails to a couple of those places, one in Canada. Let's hope something turns up.


Thought I sent you a reply last night but do not see it.  I have had great luck with everything exhaust including Osco by using.    http://www.marineengineparts.com/exhaust-manifolds-risers.html

They are located on Long Island NY and the web page I listed will even have a link for Chris Craft exhaust manifolds. Good prices and very helpful tech dept should get you what you need.

Good luck

Thanks, Kevin, I'll check them out.

Hi Jim,

One thing to check on the riser when you do get it off is hairline cracks that may have happened during winter freezing (don't ask me how I know... I only thought I had got to all of the petcocks one year before winter lay up when we were in Milwuakee...). I had a local weld the crack for $30.00 plus tip, and all has been well for 10 years running.


Good luck,



Thanks Dale. My engine is fresh water cooled, so I just run antifreeze thru the raw water intake until pure antifreeze comes out the back, so no chance of freezing my risers.

That said, I'm afraid to remove the rusty elbow until I know I can get a new replacement. If risers are available, I will probably just replace both risers and elbows.


Called Marine Engine Parts, no joy there, so I'm going to call Harpur's and see what they have. I've dealt with them in the past, expensive but they got me the right stuff.

Looks / sounds like I am going to have to replace the whole works, manifolds and risers, either with CC parts from Harpurs or Barr parts from another vendor. I am surprised to find that the manifold is the same for fresh water cooled and raw water cooled. And the riser is the same also, but you plug one hole and open another for FWC.  In any case, doesn't sound like we'll be in the water any time soon. :-(  

Do you have any accessories mounted to your manifolds? If not you can probably go to a mercruiser or Crusader set up. It'll cost less and parts are availible readily.



No accessories mounted, not sure what accessories would be mounted to a manifold. But I do need the system to be compatible with fresh water cooling, and these don't mention that.

I know both manufactuers offer closed cooling options. My crusaders have an insert between the manifold and riser that server to close the manifold from the riser and route the coolant back to the engine.

Spoke to Tom Harpur yesterday. His opinion is that Barr risers will bolt up to my Osco manifolds. So I went ahead and took off the left side elbow, 3 bolts came out and one snapped. Since they face down there's no way to drill out the broken one so now I'm taking the riser off too. One bolt is almost inaccessible so I went to Sears last night and picked up crowsfoot open end and will try that today. From what I can see of the inside of the riser, I might as well replace it anyway.

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