I wanted to post this because I had a big problem this fall when getting ready to winterize the 283 engines in my 1963 Chris Craft Connie and would have been in big trouble had I not called up Lee Dahlen. So here is my review of his work and on his Facebook page you can see what we were up against.Glassic Boatworks

This not an ad for Lee Dahlen but if you every have this happen to you ...you can learn how to fix it your self by reading his post on Facebook with photos or let Lee crawl around your bilge. 

Don't let anyone in your engine room expect for Lee and his team. I am 67 and I can tell you I would have been up a creek if Lee and I would have not met when I was on the hard at All Seasons Marina doing my bottom this fall.

Why? Because no one I have ever met takes a job (which mine became a project) like it was his own (baby) boat. This summer I bought this 1963 30 Foot Connie near Clayton NY where she had been for her entire life. When I asked Lee to come and do my first winterizing in the water we found a surprise!

It was a smushed up  drain valve. (and since it was a boat) of course) it was the outside of the port engine where there is no room to work.

The pictures and story are on the site.

So what would I have done without Lee...I really don't know.


Now Lee has removed the old and replaced it with a new drain valve. We then went ahead and  winterized engine and I can sleep at night.

Not that I was worried about Lee's capability, but everyone gets frustrated after hours of work on a "simple fix" Ha Ha... Lee thinks out of the box to what the fix is and follows though and does not shortcut the job.


One thing I can assure anyone who hires Lee to do work on their boat will find the following:

1. LEE TREATS THE BOAT LIKE IT IS HIS OWN...not just a employee who is assigned to a job.

2. LEE is always HAPPY!


4. LEE is HONEST = Example: Since we had to take the starter out to get my job done I asked him to send the starter out to have it checked out and rebuilt if necessary. He took it to a friend who does this type of work and the guy said "this starter brushes are in great shape...it needs nothing" When he brought it back he told me the story. I don't need to tell you what some firms may have done. Charged me $200.00 for a rebuild that never happened.

5. LEE is has a WEALTH of KNOWLEDGE for any engine....Especially Chris Craft

6. LEE's Flat hourly rate is the fairest deal in the industry... in my opinion.


So...No one will ever be allowed in my engine room expect Lee and his crew. Your nuts if you love your boat and you let anyone in your engine room except Lee,


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Yep. Met Lee in person at the Huron Get-together, where he started a getaway weekend replacing a messed up transmission. Definitely a Stand-Up guy.

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