I wrote last week requesting insights on some 283F photos I posted. That boat is still in play. Thanks to all that responded.  I am also looking at a 27 Commander that had twin 307Q's.  The 307 blocks have been changed out to 350 blocks and all external parts hung back on.  Essentially they are now 350Q's.  Picture below.

As I pour through the posts on the forum I can not help but have some worry about obtaining key parts in the future for a pair of Q engines. I am seeking some context on this.  In the range of concerns:

  1. No big concern, a nuisance that will cost you a bit more in the long run but parts available in the foreseeable future.
  2. A moderate concern that will cost you a lot and there is some risk of unavailable parts.
  3. Stay away and look for a non-Q engine if you are just buying in and have the choice.

Opinions appreciated.



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I have a dual engine 27 with 307Q's. The biggest worry is the intake manifold. And if you have Closed cooling then it really isn't a worry. All the exhaust parts,carbs,alternators,starters are all readily available aftermarket.I blew a water pump and Harpurs Marine rebuilt it for me, but there are others like depco that can do the same. There are a few specific Q parts but most can be repaired or rebuilt.

Some people wouldn't buy a boat with Q's but many people are still buying boats with Q's 

Worse came to worse, you could pull all the old Q parts off and reverse the engine and build it back with non Q parts.

I don't where your from but when you winterize a q motor take out the plug on the intake manifold and suck the water out I did not know this and intakes are expensive to repair
I made a hold down bracket and a bushing so I could use normal distributors also
Do ypu have pictures of this??? You can put a standard GM distributor on your Q????

David hanson said:
I made a hold down bracket and a bushing so I could use normal distributors also
I can but I won't be in Minnesota until it warms up call 6134143454

If the rest of the boat is as well kept as that engine bay, I would not worry about having the Q motors. Parts are available, might be expensive. Not as expensive as changing motors or letting a nice boat get away.


Here are the photos

That's pretty ingenious... And it runs without any issues?

Yes runs great the bushing has to be 11 16th thick so you can get the end play in the oil pump plus a gasket the hold down just cut and bend steal till it works don't use the gasket that comes with the distributed make it so it fits the intake better a little bigger diameter same thickness
This is what we were talking about on face book a few months back.

Steve said:

That's pretty ingenious... And it runs without any issues?

I don't think my hatch would close all the way :-( 

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