On our 1986 Commander we have an original Raritan Crown C and the motor went up.  Looks like a kit and motor will run about $360-$460 + labor.  I also saw a completely rebuilt Crown C for sale for $495 but it was out of stock.  Are their reputable companies that sell drop in, remanned Crown C heads?

Or.... is there a brand new head that I should consider (raw water - not planning to convert to fresh)?  Something sturdy that is a "drop in replacement to what I have?

As always, thanks for your consideration.


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I replaced my Raritan Crowns with household bowl size, freshwater flush Dometic Masterflush Orbit macerating heads. I have no regrets and would do the same again if I had to. Being able to orient the bowl 360degrees to the base made retrofit installation easy on my 381 Catalina.

I ended up rebuilding and parts and labor came to $875 (Parts $395 including a new motor). The new Jabsco Model #: 37010-3092 would have be about $450 plus labor to install. All in all I would have saved a a couple hundred bucks on labor if I went with a new unit but I did not have to adjust the hose hooks up so who knows... If this one lasts, I'm happy. If it does not, I'll definitely go with a new unit next time.

I am presently in the process of replacing both of my units with the household size new ones from raritan. It’s like the same price as rebuilding the crown ones, raritan charges $300-something just for the rebuilt motor and bottom end, plus new seals gaskets and joker valves, by the time you’re done it’s within a couple bucks of buying a brand new one with a warranty. So that’s what I did, for me it was a no brainer.

This is probably too much information, but the main thing that sold me was these new ones are a normal sized toilet, the old ones were tiny. I’m working hard at my diet, but I’m a bigger guy, lost 40 pounds but still around 260, and those old ones are just uncomfortable. My legs went to sleep and within like 6 seconds of sitting on there. I never could finish a newspaper or magazine article without painful pins and needles and my backside hurting. I really hated them, they’re just plain uncomfortable. Maybe when I get back down to my college weight of 200 I’ll feel like it was a waste of money, but for right now the old ones are just too small and uncomfortable. FWIW I’m on keto diet and it is working really well. The minus 40 pounds was over about 3 months.

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