The wiper blades were worn out on Sharondipity, our 38' Sedan (Dick and Patty Morland's former "Patty Wagon"), and I looked in vain for replacement blades that were not black.  The arms and blades were Anco, and Dick said they were on the boat when he bought it.  The once ubiquitous yellow metal Anco cabinets from garages and gas stations were no where to be found at any local establishment, and a search of the internet yielded nothing.  Finally, I found that Trico had released a 15" stainless steel blade (Part # 55-150) for vintage (read 1960's) cars.  Advance Auto Parts had them (SKU# 5070457) for $7.88 each, so I had my local store order three (you can also order online - see link below).  When they came in, the connectors wouldn't work with the old Anco arms.  I had to use a 3" cutoff grinder to take the old ends off and shorten the stainless steel arms, but then regular and titanium tipped bits wouldn't drill the needed holes for the retaining "catch" on the new blades.  I bought some cobalt drill bits (a set was on sale at Harbor Freight) and voilà - I think the results are excellent!  I just thought I'd pass along this tip.


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Nice! We need new blades as well.

Hi Sam!

Thanks for the great information.

The Superdisc also mentions some sources.  I am not sure if the items are still available.

  • Rick Traskos  purchased wiper arms for my 45' at Defender Industries -
  • Another member reported getting arms and blades at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
  • Greg Gajcak
  • March 14, 2006 - Whitney Pillsbury reported: I found my wiper arms for my bolt on blades at, exact replacement. I remembering it being one of the happier endings for a project. My motors are on a 1966 38, but for reference here were my part numbers new wiper arms (anco SH-175, satin finish), and blades (refills #20-11)
  • Mark Hunter reported taking the wiper arm to a local NAPA parts store and they were able to order one overnight. It was almost identical to the old one, only 1/2 in. shorter but works fine.
  • July 2007 Wiper Arms and Blades for 1973 41 Commander:
    The arms were #10208 14-19" adjustable anti-glare. The blade was a #30686-15".
    These are now United Technology parts. If you can't get them locally, we will sell you the arms for $32.50 each and the blades at $8.15 for 16". Jim Wick LPX


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