My 31' has the hand rails around the back deck, however the parts that lift up to allow boarding were lost some time ago. It appears as though someone has attempted to replace them but the port side is about 3/4" too short, and the starboard side isn't even installed. 

I stopped by my local hardware store that carries a lot of woods like teak, and mahogany, but all they had were planks. They didn't have anything close to a 2x3.

Before I go ripping a plank, and glueing layers together, does anyone know of a vendor our source where I can get some railing material that is close in size?

And I assume this is mahogany. This is what mine looks like after light sanding.

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Use 2x4 mahogany, cut angles on sides and use a good orbital sander to take down and form curve you have marked on end of board.  Mahogany is an easy wood to work with.

Dave WIlson

42' Commander "Valhalla"

You can find mahogany at your local hardwood shop.  Most reasonable sized towns have one nearby.

Or you can order online from someone like:

You can even check Ebay:

You may want to order a small piece first to see what you are getting, or better yet, show up in person to inspect it locally.  Also, you may need special router bits to turn the radius on the rails.  I would try to make a one foot long piece first until you get it right.


Chris ..provide me with a sketch of exactly what you need and I will send it to you can continue cleaning and  lubricating....text me at 5617166078

This is what I have Bruce.


I would take a piece of cardboard, hold it against the end of that exposed starboard rail and trace around it for the profile. Then get a hold of Byron as fast as you can :-) He runs a custom woodworking shop in Delray Beach, FL. I've been there many times and have seen his work, which is excellent. He may even have some old rails from a Chris laying around in his CC room! BTW, hope you have all the hardware hinges and related parts for these rails. Those parts could be difficult to find.


Fortunately I DO have all the pieces of hardware for both sides! Just need the wood now!
Just try to save the back rails. Those have a compound curve and are 3 thinner pieces laminated together. It would be difficult to replicate and when replaced with strait pieces it doesn’t look right.

       Christopher , I have some original handrails  You can call me with the actual length that you need                                        Todd      952-454-5459

I'm just replacing the parts that lift up for boarding. They're probably only about 24 inches each.

I'll get some measurements tomorrow!


I measured this weekend and I need about 25" for each side. This will give me about an inch on each side to get the fittings on there correctly.

Todd & Patty Walters said:

       Christopher , I have some original handrails  You can call me with the actual length that you need                                        Todd      952-454-5459

Todd still have them?

Todd & Patty Walters said:

       Christopher , I have some original handrails  You can call me with the actual length that you need                                        Todd      952-454-5459

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