REGIONAL RENDEZVOUS confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers  IL LDB 0.0  MS 218.6 LDB.
September 15-17, 2017
September (FRIDAY SATURDAY Sunday departure)  15 arrival 16 rides, boarding, trading, dining 17 departure.
Would be good to get a large group of Commanders running downstream under the Clark Bridge with a photographer in the pedestrian lane shooting photos and videos of the group.  Hey it's only a 32 mile round trip!
Questions, comments welcome.
Close to the airport via the Grafton Ferry, lots of lodging available.
More information soon.

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Feel free to post any event ideas you might have in this thread, but if you have specific questions, please email Tim directly.

Event details are posted here

Agenda and registration details are still being developed.  Slip reservations can be made.

When making reservations  let them know it is for the Rendezvous  so we can dock together.

To make the reservation call the harbor at 618-786-7678 or use the form and fax to 618-786-2759.  The harbor is trying to fit us on A-dock right in front of the Winery and Oyster Bar..


Reservations are open and should be made as soon as possible so we can be adjoining.  Grafton Harbor has offered to get posters supplied so any great ideas besides the Club logo are welcomed.  Come on to the Two Rivers Rendezvous, plenty of things to do and see and lots of lodging.  The Harbor will be forwarding lodging options soon and I will post them.  If you are wanting lodging reviews will be available.

The River Road is one of the National Scenic Byways.  our Rendezvous will precede this level of color but green is good, heard it from a frog.  Additional touristy info.

Looking forward to learning more and hoping to join you by land!!

I talked with our harbor host, Jan DaSherlia this morning and she has not received any reservations besides mine.  If you are planning on attending please get a reservation.  This will be a popular weekend.  The weather is normally quite good, both Loopers and Chicago boats will be transiting headed for the Gulf so the harbor will be filling.

Lodging in general,

Walking distance lodging with recommendations by our host, 

Any questions, please email or call.


How about a friendly wager, Tim...whichever regional gets more 47's to show up gets a case of beer from the other?

Matt, since there are only two to my knowledge on this part of the River I think I would just be buying you the case.  Were it to be a reasonable wager, in my favor it would be the most 41/410s ;-).  We may be looking at attending yours, not sure yet, schedules schedules etc.  Be good to see Fred and Eileen again and meet others in person.

Tim and Liz

Ha - fair enough!  Maybe we go by gross tonnage, then.

Hope you and Liz could make it.  Would be great to meet you both.

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