Cancelled - Grafton Harbor CC Regional Rendezvous September 15-17, 2017

A few last minute cancellations have given me no choice but to call this event off. Thanks to those who have given so much support.


REGIONAL RENDEZVOUS confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers  IL LDB 0.0  MS 218.6 LDB.
September 15-17, 2017
September (FRIDAY SATURDAY Sunday departure)  15 arrival 16 rides, boarding, trading, dining 17 departure.
Would be good to get a large group of Commanders running downstream under the Clark Bridge with a photographer in the pedestrian lane shooting photos and videos of the group.  Hey it's only a 32 mile round trip!
Questions, comments welcome.
Close to the airport via the Grafton Ferry, lots of lodging available.
More information soon.
Event details are posted here
Update August 6th:  

Only one solar eclipse plus a few weeks away from this rendezvous.  I just got off the phone with one of our attendees, Roy Evers.  Roy as many may remember from his article in the Styled in Fiberglass is a Looper and he graciously offered to give a short talk before Saturdays dinner followed by a second or follow-up talk.  The topic will be timely to one of our current threads in that the first deals with significant damage during his Great Loop adventure and the second, closer to home, about holing the bow saving the boat and being made whole by the insurance company.  I will be evaluating locations for Saturdays meal and Roy's talk.  Please help make these arrangements easier by confirming your attendance with the harbor and this site.  More to follow.


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Well, this week arrived a bit late, checked with the harbor and there seems to be some confusion over dates, two arrivals are not scheduled until Sunday.  My original plans were for a parade late afternoon Saturday as well as a departure parade Sunday.  Roy Evers discussions to precede dinner Saturday.  All things are now in flux so if you are coming please let me know and we will schedule accordingly.  Saturday arrival will be Calvin Case with a unique 337 Commander built in 1984.  Calvin will be returning home Friday night so his arrival will probably be in the afternoon.  His boat is a deep vee with twin 454's.  Labor Day we took a ride on Timtation and enjoyed a very nice flat water ride along the bluffs.  If you looked closely there is a tinge of color to the trees on the bluffs so if you are on the Mel Price Pool come join us for a beautiful weekend at the Key West of the Mid-West in Grafton, IL.


Seems like the gremlins are at work.  The Rendezvous weekend is an away trip for the Antique and classic boat people and Roy has discovered gremlins in his electrical system so he is not able to make the trip.  Liz and I will be available to welcome those still available.

A few last minute cancellations have given me no choice but to call this event off.  Thanks to those who have given so much support.


Sorry this fell apart on you, Tim.

Sorry to hear the event had to be cancelled.  Although we weren't going to be able to go to this one, we went to the regional in Tennessee a couple of years ago and had a wonderful time.  Hoping to attend another event in the future. 

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