I should of posted this sooner but I've been busy with the boat.Our last trip before haul out last season I noticed some steam out the port exhaust.To make a long story short my sea water pump was shot.So I called Depco Pump as a lot of people have specified here, I just didn't what to pay their high prices.After doing a couple hours of internet searching, found this place http://marinedieselparts.com/ .Called them and they had everything in stock for the sherwood s11095g pump cheap.My port pump needed everything except the shaft,housing and cover.The starboard just needed impeller and rear bushing.Saved me a lot of money.They are an actual marina on the east coast.I called them on a Friday and had my parts on Monday,but I'm in Michigan.Bad winter and just as bad now looking to launch in a couple weeks.Thanks for looking I hope to save people money in the future.

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Thanks Jim!  I will add this source to our library links page.

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