Has anyone personally or know of anyone that has retro-fitted a Commander with either passive or an active stabilizer system, or the gyro-type system?

I have a 1974 410 Commander and we spend a lot of time on Lake Huron, and my family doesn't seem to liek the big waves that come a few seconds apart some days. Not sure what the issue is there :)

Thanks and hoping for a fast melt for all of us northern club members!

Mike Benore

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test day conditions 

sea conditions on test


sea conditions on bridge


HI Gregory -  the link does not work

Gregory Kay said:

how can you link a google photo 

That install is so cool. If I ever win the lotto I know what I’m doing! 

Thanks for sharing! Has it performed to your expectations?

I think the price has come down some, but this looks very expensive. Did this come in somewhere between north of $50K and south of $70K? 

Has anyone else looked at other technologies that may not be as awesome as the Seakeeper but still effective for pleasure boating in 3-5 foot seas?

I purchased the seakeeper 5 which has currently been discontinued from the product line and replaced with a seakeeper 6.  The 6 gives another 1000nms of angular momentum.  The 5 was 5000nms. So as for cost the price has gone up for boats in the 40' range. 5 unit was 32K plus installation which I was able to do myself and I still spent 12k to install.  including all pumps , moving and replacing water tanks, mount, and misc. supplies. And a lot of time. 

According to the app they give you I have an 80% reduction in roll.  I believe that.  Simply amazing product. I am trying to get a friend in rough seas get a pic of the boat from another boat.  I think that would be the best way to show the performance. I am very happy with what it does.  I do not even know its there.  It just does its thing.  Runs whenever we are away for the dock.  That should be a 1000 hours a year.   The only draw back I have found is Me.  Believe it or not you have to get used to it.  I am a lifetime boater and so well conditioned to the roll and pitching of the boat,  so much so, that when the waves are coming I lean into the coming seas with out even thinking about it. I shift my weight to compensate for the roll of the boat that never comes.  So I stumble anyway! lol That was totally unexpected.  Its easy to get used to but first couple trips you would have thought I was a boating newbie. 

As far as technologies:

Hanging items, such as rocker stoppers and birds (large weights that hang off poles you see on trawling fishing boats. )   Both do work but rocker stoppers are a pain and only for use when sitting still. Birds are for slow trawling boats. and you need a super structure to support them. 

Fins. A friend has them but only for Trawling boat speeds.  hang out the side and can collect debris and are susceptible to impact damage. Not a choice for high speed boats ( over hull speed) The installation is much more complex also .   The 0 speed stabilization is not great either the water needs to be moving over the fins to work. They have some swimming systems that help with this.  They give a better stabilization when moving than the seakeeper. 


There are a couple of systems out there.  The only company making a gyro for under a 100' boat is seakeeper.  They are the only company that has been able to miniaturize the system in physical size, weight, and in electrical power.

Conclusion :

For a high speed boat, no extra drag,  no hanging items to retrieve, no hanging for impact damage, the simplest installation ,working in all sea conditions moving and standing still  is a Gyro.   For smaller boats under 100' only choice is Seakeeper.

The seakeeper takes a beautiful conditioned day and makes it flat calm .  When is the ocean ever flat.  almost never, passing wakes , and even a 1' chop can make a boat roll.  All gone like being at the dock. Now take a real day in the ocean 3-5' seas and it makes it what seems to be a beautiful day .  you Beer wont even spill on the corner of the boat.  For me this thing was worth the money.  It gives me what I want.  Simply , More usable time on the water! 

 True story.  The wife and I am out fishing for flounder 3 miles off the beach at the local reef. You know I am fishing and she is watching tv inside in the ac.  3-4' seas white capping conditions.  She looks outside the windows and comes out on the back deck.  She says, Getting rough hun, time to go in.  She looks at my face , looks at the water ,  kind of puts her hands out to Brace herself in the rough seas, Looks at me again and smiles and says disgustedly  NEVERMIND, and goes back inside.   Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

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