SuperDisc 13.0 AVAILABLE NOW

 SuperDisc 13.0 is an electronic encyclopedia of every aspect of Commander maintenance and repairs. The information on the disk is retrieved from the discussion forum and e-mail list, but organized in a way that makes information easy to find and use.  SuperDisc is available on DVD or a USB flash drive.

 SuperDisc Contents

Complete email archives with attachments (2000 - 2017) sorted by message number, author and subject.  If a Commander project has been done, someone in this great club has shared it!!!

 A great addition is master indexes of all posts for all eighteen years.  You can browse for a specific topic or specific author and then go directly to that post.  It’s much faster than having to search in each year like previous editions.  There are 18,374 posts total.


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 The SuperDisc 13.0 Complete Edition is for first time buyers of SuperDiscs.

 The SuperDisc 13.0 Upgrade Edition is intended for those who wish to upgrade their SuperDisc 1.0 through 12.0.  Each year we add over 1,000 posts.  Don’t miss out.

 SuperDisc 13.0 is available on DVD or a USB Flash Drive.  Treat your Commander and yourself to this valuable resource!!!

 Resource Collection 2.0 is great to own too!!!

The Resource Collection 2.0 contents include CC Catalogs and Brochures. CC Service Bulletins, CC Price Lists. Engine & Transmission Manuals. Dick Avery sketches and drawings, a folder for every Commander model, and all kinds of technical and interesting stuff. A true “Treasure Trove” for the Commander owner! 

We thank you for supporting the club with your purchase of SuperDisc and Resource Collection 2.0. We hope you find it to be the value we feel it is, and trust you will enjoy the other benefits your payment will help provide. It’s your payment that helps to support the activities of this dues free organization that has grown from 12 members in 1999 to well over 3000 members in 2018.

 To order now click here!

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Club News

New Executive Committee

The results of the executive committee election are now in. As from January 1, 2108 the executive committee will have the following members:

  • Chief Commander - Lee Dahlen
  • Treasurer  John Rose, New!
  • Web Master - Pam Sorensen, New!
  • Archivist - Charlene Pike
  • Membership Chair - Matt Cowles
  • PR-Chair --- John Heenan, New!

Read about our new executive committee here. 


Photo Contest Winners

This year's CCCC Photo Contest saw a record number of participating photos. The winners of the of the top three positions are:

  1. James Frens with the photo of his 27 Commander, displayed to the left.
  2. Kevin R Mueller with a photo of his 42 Commander
  3. Greg Kay with a photo of his  42 Tournament fisherman.

Here is a slideshow featuring the top 10 photos.


New Issue Available

The Fall 2017 issue of the Commander Club's newsletter, Styled In Fiberglass, is now available for download.  

Click here to download your copy.


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