It as been too many years coming but now it is scheduled and booked. The "Swedish Commander Nut" (that's me if you didn't  figure it out)  is coming to the Mentor Rendezvous.

I am so looking forward to meeting many old Commander friends and lots of new enthusiasts from the States and perhaps from other countries as well. You have no idea how much this Club means to me.  I am also especially pleased to bring my lovely wife Malin to the meet. It will be a first for her. I attended a series of Rendezvous about 10 years ago, but being the ex CCCC webmaster I feel quite familiar with the winning format in which these events come around. 

After 10 years; why now you may ask. Well, even for a "nut" like me it is a bit of stretch (4300 miles) to travel from Europe solely for a Commander weekend. Lucky then for me that my son William is presently studying at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, so Malin and I have double reasons to cross the pond this year. We will start our round trip with a visit to San Fransisco, followed by a road trip to Los Angeles and finally finishing off with a prolonged weekend at the Rendezvous before returning home.

Any advice or tips from you guys that live in the relevant areas are most welcome. If nothing else; See you in Mentor July 26-29!

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WOW!  Now I wish I was going too but it looks like we will be two ships passing in the night as we are scheduled to visit Sweden this Summer on a Cruise Ship. We will be docked in Stockholm on 8/28. If the Moon and the Stars line up may be we can meet up.  I stll have your Hat from the Royal Yacht Club that you gave me on my boat.  It's a treasure!

All the best,

Tim G.

Tim, I live in the Stockholm area so it would be easy meeting with you, if nothing else for a drink. In fact it would even be possible to take you for a spin onboard Web Commander around the inner waters of Stockholm. I know how busy those cruise stops can be so if you don’t have the time that’s alright.

All the best


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