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New to me 1969 CC Commander 42.

Both my outer joints from the shaped wood blocks (under the swim platform) to the (shaped) transom have become disconnected from the hull. Inner two are fine.

Tried a longer, larger lag screw with no results. (No "Easy Button" here!)

Removed the swim platform, and on the shaped portion of the transom about 4" up from the lower rub rail, I am greeted with a half inch diameter jagged hole where the upper lag screw had fastened to the hull. Below that is a small "divot" where the second mounting screw presumably stuck into (but not through) the fibre glass.

Underneath the lip are two nuts and bolts (protruding downwards) directly below the hole.

I closely inspected the inside of the transom at the mounting point, and there is absolutely no evidence of a fastener or backing piece to be seen.

This whole thing looks terribly "Cheesy" to me and unworthy of Chris Craft so perhaps I am missing the grand plan.

Just before I unlimber the jack hammer has anyone gone down this road (cow path) before me.

Pics tonight as "right brain" forgot camera yesterday.

Bob Williams

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Heres my recommendation and is how "it should've been"  mounted to begin with.

If you are on the hard, drill ALL the lower holes thru the transom. Make some backing blocks and thru bolt the lower stanchions using a good bedding compound ( 4200 Boatlife etc)  You do not to leave this hole exposed to water as it will allow water between the laminate and cause you a major $$ headache shortly.

After you get the crisis solved. The redo ALL the mounting points the same.

Good Luck!  Lee

here are a couple of shots of mine


Thank you both for your suggestions and pictures.

Lee; my immediate problem is that I seem to be "between walls" in that there is no evidence of the fastener holes on the inside of the transom (just above the exhaust ports) nor any mounting blocks in the space.

I THINK that the lag bolts were merely screwed into the (3/8") transom panel with no reinforcement or backing. The wild card is the two bolts protruding below.

Next step is to perhaps remove them but once done I cannot see or manipulate anything "inside the walls".

I am thinking (dangerous for an engineer) of opening up the inside, reinforcing the area and through bolting?

Here is what I am dealing with and am wondering also if this is the standard CC method of attachment or an aftermarket add on?



Lee helped me with this on our 47.  There are "two walls".  The inner hull is glassed over where the outer wall flares out to make the spray rail.  The swim platform on our 47 was simply screwed to the exterior hull as well.  Lee very skillfully cut a small hole in the interior "glassed over" wall.  This allowed a thru bolt with a large washer to back the back side of the spray rail.

The spay rail itself seems to be pretty thick fiberglass.

I imagine you could patch your holes and come up with a similar arrangement.  Measure twice, cut once!


Nice to know that what I am looking at is for real, per your experiences.

Still don't know what the two bottom bolts are all about, but I will post Dremel.

Thanks for taking the time.

This is what makes this club so great for newbies like me!


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