Yup, I finally did it. Before picture:

After pictures (not done cutting yet, the rest will be done with sawzall):

The good news is that the original hull line is still there just above the exhaust tubes. So glad I did this; there was a lot of water in the cavities, and the wood on the port side is punky.

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Looks like the original was a great execution of a bad idea, yours looks like good start on the execution of a great idea.  The hard works is ahead, we like pictures.


Very interesting, Jim. I always heard you complain about your swim platform, but never envisioned something like that. Was it stable, or kind of rickety? How was it attached? How much glass work do you think you’ll have to do?

I believe you will have little problem with your project as it appears that the entire thing was glassed right to the hull. Some cosmetics after the removal may be all required! ( except adding the new platform).That might be wishful thinking but hope its true! Does the boat have trim tabs ? I guess it still could have the type recessed into the hull but that platform seems to have precluded aftermarket types. Good luck!

The platform was very stable. Made of 3/4 plywood wrapped in fiberglass. I'll soon find out if there are any screws or bolts into the transom. There will eventually be a new Butler swim platform, but not so that any big parts are in the water hindering flow as with this one. The new platform will cover most of the work, so I'm not too concerned about cosmetics down there.  And yes, Al, the whole reason for doing this is so that I can install the Bennett tabs and get the ride height to where it should be. As it was, at higher speeds, water was being forced up the aft cockpit drains into the cockpit. I don't see any evidence that this boat ever had tabs.

That swim extension reminds me of what Albin did to the 32 Command Bridge.  The 32CB would squat and never plane off to a proper trim angle so they added a swim platform that including an extended hull and the boat leveled out nice, the 32CB was renamed the 32+2.


If mine had been built that way, I'd have left it on. But on the bottom, my swim platform only added about six inches, then angled up, creating two cavities that caught junk when the tide was coming in.

No progress on it today, we're having a Nor'easter - rain and wind like crazy today. Sure glad it's not snow! 

Yes, I noticed your platform extension was not the same as this hull extension

Yup, weather here on Long Island sure is sporty right about now!

Second round of cutting done. I kind of like the shotgun exhaust look :=)

I've got it down almost to the original hull on the transom now. Just some resin and stuff to grind off. It does appear that the main support for the platform was 3/4 inch plywood that goes along each side of the boat as you can see in the photos. I suspected this was the case, having compared measurements from another 27 (thanks, Steve!). The wood seems solid on the port side, a bit soft on the starboard side. I'm thinking to inject some hardener on the starboard side and leave the wood there for now. I can't tell how far up the side it goes, and I don't want to tear the whole boat up at this point or I'll miss May launch date. (The trim tabs are going to take some time, what with the gas tank in the way, and then the new platform.) I can tackle the wood next winter. 

Jim - this reminds me so much of the monstrosity/radar arch I had removed from my hard top right after buying the boat.  That was a case of bad execution on a bad idea (ugly, weighed hundreds of pounds, ugly, water-soaked, ugly, etc).  Is this the same, or are you finding they did a pretty good job on a bad idea?  For it to have such minimal damage, it looks like it was at least done well?

It was pretty well done. Not perfectly, though, or I would not be seeing punky wood (and smelling it). What I don't understand is why they didn't go with a traditional platform with no modification of the hull. When you put wood below the waterline, you know it's not going to last forever.

I weighed the parts I cut off, about 180 pounds total.

HA - you just permanently removed a passenger!

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