This award-winning Chris-Craft Commander has been restored to her original glory

Not my cup of tea on the layout changes, but nicely done. At this price I would have expected Diesel. None the less, nicely done. Glad to see it saved.

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Oh, and original is original....don't change a Ferrari 330 GTC.

I agree! Even the gauges, although appear to be in the original housing, have been changed. Too many changes. I'm sure it's a standout but mahogany sure smells better! Those engines are sweet!

I bet they have way more than $129K into it. Nice boat, diesels aren’t everything.

They might have changed a lot but I would never discourage anyone from saving one of these beauties! I think $129k is a good deal considering what I have seen for a lot more at the New England Boat Show.

I think the LED TVs (2 of them) wreck the look. Also, everything looks too plasticky. The reason I love CCC's is their classic look with Teak accents and such.

Agreed on the comments, but kudos to the owner for spending the bucks to make it his own picnic  boat. I like the colors on the hull, would do something different on the two bench couches although I can see he has storage there, and people can face each other when talking. Door, would have left natural wood, but I understand his effort to reduce maintenance. Inside, teak and holly floors would change the look, would have left a settee where the day bed is, and do a better job on the front v birth. Oh, and Yanmars as I would cruise it from Maine to the Bahamas. But, again, good to see it rescued for another couple of decades of good use.

She really does look good on plain dosen't she?

Well, every one has their own tastes and can criticize but the bottom line here is that it is quite evident the Owner truly loved this Boat.  Especially when you think of the time, money, and aggravation he/she went thru to get it to this condition.  My only thought is that something must have happened to the owner to force this sale.  What ever it was I sincerely hope that he/she was able to enjoy this boat to the very end.  As for the asking price all I can say is good luck.

Tim G.

I don't think anyone is criticizing at all, just stating what there/my taste is in boats.

Turns out this is Frank Denison's personal boat. You may know they are a name brand family in Yachting (think Broward Marine). Franks said the previous owner put in 400K, and he has put in about 40k in electronics, etc.

Boat may be at the Palm Beach Show, either way Frank will be there.

If you still have the boat for sale please email me at thanks

Bill - the poster isn’t the one who had it listed for sale. He was just letting others know about it.

Hey Bill, I put my eyes on this boat. I thought it would be good at around 45 K, just my take in her. I'm sure he has more than that in electronics. 

Loved Skip, the Denisen legacy etc, but not the boat. I have just about given up on finding the perfect Commander.

But if you can look at her, go see for yourself. Maybe she's better than what I thought.

Bill Augustine said:

If you still have the boat for sale please email me at thanks

At $129k I was indeed expecting Yanmar turbo diesels.

A Dopo said:

Oh, and original is original....don't change a Ferrari 330 GTC.

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