Where's the best place to install a transom transducer? And where should I penetrate the stern to run cable?

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Transom transducers don't generally work well on inboards. Too much dusturbance ahead if them. In hull or thru hull work best for these. I had a transom transducer on my Catalina, only worked off plane.
We had a Catalina too. But we had no problems with the transducer we had. That's what led me to believe this would work. I was thinking the very bottom of the "crease" running along the stern would have been a comparable place and would've dropped the transducer down low enough to get a good view. I do have plans to go in hull next year with a panoptix, just wasn't in the budget this year.
You can use just about any transom transducer as an in hull too as I understand it. You just either mount it in a box sealed to the bottom filled with antifreeze or water. Or epoxy it to the inside of the hull. Of coarse you won't get temperature if you're looking for that. My boat now has a thru hull and it works pretty good, but I think next time I'd go with an in hull and separate temp prob.

Mount it as far away from the props as possible. Transducers need a clean steady flow of water.  If this is just temporary, you don't want to make any new holes in the transom for the cable, so just run it up and into the vent on top of the transom which will get it down into the bilge. You're going to need a very long cable!


So what I'm thinking about now is installing a pair of GTM51M thru-hull transducers a couple of feet forward of the propeller shafts on either side of the centerline because of the angle of deflection and it would be a couple of feet forward of all that turbulence. Does that sound a good place to mount thru-hulls?
Why would you need two? And like someone else recommended, you can certainly glue them (epoxy) to the inside of the hull too. For the past 3 seasons, I had a Hummingbird unit at the helm that used a transducer right at the front of my engine compartment just off the centerline at the points my I could find closest to pointing down. Worked perfectly.
The angle off the centerline (I think it's something like 10 degrees plus) would leave blind spots in the look down/side view so it's either one with a wedge (Which doesn't seem to exist any more) or two with thru-hull mounted in tandem. From everything I hear about the "Engineered" look-thru-hull transducers, they lose detail going through all that glass. I wish I had your faith in the hardware.
Does the positioning work?

Do a search and you should find many posts/replies maybe pics. If you don't have sidescan or fwd scan you shouldn't notice any difference in the first 60 feet with proper and level mounting.

My thru hull is mounted out near the chine about 4-5ft forward of the transom. This area is almost completely flat. The only time it reads abit weird is when the boat is rocking heavily, the readings will vary about a foot when that happens. I only use it as a depth finder though, I don't fish and honestly don't really even know how to read the sonar mapping page.
Always seemed to. I was able to confirm when I had a thru-hull installed this winter and hooked to my Garmin (filled the hole of an old unused transducer). They are never more than a couple tenths of a foot apart.
No worries about the transom mount, I've learned the evil of my thoughts. Mike, I'll take a look at that today. If flat, then a single mount is all I need and I'll just pick up the one. Thanks!

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