We've had our '67 Commander 31 for several weeks now and are really enjoying her! After a few short jaunts it's becoming apparent to me that Trim Tabs would be very useful indeed.

I've been reading all I can about them and am zeroing in on Bennetts. From what I read it seems to me that 30" x 6" would be about right (agreed?) This will probably be a winter project as I've arranged for inside heated storage.

There's one little thing that has me wondering though. Where have those of you with tabs installed mounted the switch(es)? I have a rather unusual helm configuration, see the attached pic. TrueNorth%2006.30.16%20%2824%29.jpg

I'm not sure if this is original or not, but it's what I have. Any suggestions &/or photos of the tab switch(s) location would be very useful!


Greg - Green Bay

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I have mine just to the right of the main shift/throttle a 1963 CC 30ft Connie

I would say on the flat part between the shifters. see photo

Yup..mine are located right bethween the throttles..looks like you have plenty of room there too. Also easy to manipulate the controls right from that location.

I would say put the tab controls in front of that push button on the top between the controls.  Do yourself a favor, only buy Bennett tabs.  They are by far, the best units out there and their customer service is great.  I have a set on both my 25' Catalina Sportsman and a set on my 315 Commander. 

Your helm looks original except the throttle/shifters have been replaced.  Mine is a 67 31 FB Express.  I have Bennett trim tab, I think they are 9x18, they were on it when I got it, I feel they are a little small, but they do work fine.  My controls are between the shifters.

Well the general consensus is between the shift levers, which is what I was assuming. I'd just never seen the switch installed so I wanted to avoid any bone-headed decision.

So the switch(s) will go just forward of the button you see below. That button says something about "sync", which I assume refers to engine RPM sync. But, it doesn't seem to do anything near as I can tell.

Now the question is, what size tabs? I think I read somewhere that 30 x 6 was about right. But, with all the collective wisdom here, I'll bet there's a definitive answer... anyone?


My tab controls are slightly different but to the right of the wheel about mid-point of helm wheel and caution placard.  I find it easy to make the adjustment with no distraction while steering, following speed changes as well as nose attitude.  This allows easy install of wiring as well.  FWIW,Tim

I sold my 1967 31 Commander which had Bennett trim tabs. They worked well and the boat was quite responsive to the tabs.  I have some photos of the stern. Using a scale I would say the tabs were about 30'long. Can't judge width.

I can send you the photo.

Once the boat is out of the water I'm sure the new owner would not mind me taking a few measurements if you want.

John Brock

John, photos & dimensions would be great! No rush, this won't happen for a while yet. Thanks in advance! 

Our Bennett tabs were a little bigger, but over kill.  They were installed in 1970 and as far as I know they are still being used by the next owner (fresh water whole life).  Totally agree about where to mount them and if the "synchronizer" button as you call it is not doing anything (not hooked up), I would use that location as that is right where we mounted ours and never regretted it being so handy as we used it often.     

Here is a photo of the stern of my 31. Not close up. Bennett tabs.

Beam is 11 ft 4" at widest point. I estimate about 10 ft at stern water line. That is a guess. Can get an idea of tab length from that.

I looked for a better photo but didn't see on.

I will get a better photo and measurements in November...hope I remember!



This thread reminded me to go measure mine. The tabs on my 31 Commander are 42X9 with the control in the center of the helm between the throttles. I will say these tabs are very nice, but you have to use restraint as the can push the bow down to the point I loose steering control.

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