When I bought my boat, the previous owner had removed the actuators and glassed in the original tabs, for reasons unknown to me. I replaced them with the Lenco 42x16 because cliff over in LA said he had a good experience with them. The install turned out well, they don't look as pretty as the integrated flush-mount factory tabs, but hopefully they will get the job done. I will test them out tomorrow.

P.S. I am terrified of this storm coming, I really love my boat, but none of the local marinas have room to haul me out. Still debating what to do.

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Chris, Take care and stay safe.  Please let us know how you and your boat handle Irma.

Alright, so I finally got a chance to go and remove the 465,573 lines I put on the boat for irma and test out the new tabs. The day I picked her up from the marina after the install the hurricane was coming the next morning, and I have been afraid to run her since then because there are a ton of pieces of docks, telephone poles, and other crap floating in the water after the storm. So this had to wait until now.

The boat picked up about 3 knots at any given rpm setting over about 2200. She will now stay on plane and cruise comfortably at 2200-2300, and turning in about 15 knots at 2400 which seems to be the new sweet spot. 15.4 knots to be exact. I used to have to be at 2500 or more just to keep it up on top. Also it isn't a struggle to get up on top anymore, she planes in seconds, and you no longer have to put the throttles on the pins. The size of my wake with the new tabs has decreased by something approaching half. It's really a huge difference, owing to the lack of stern squat now.

Before, it was a little like a light switch, where it was either trawling along at 1400 or planing at 2500+ but unable to do much in between. Between those speeds she would just put out a 6' wake and go 2 knots faster. That problem is gone now. I couldn't be happier.
Oh yeah, also we saw this today out on the water. Just goes to show you we are lucky, irma hit some people harder than others. This is one of those 80' tarrab Italian built boats. Probably was worth better part of $1mm. Obviously not anymore.

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