There's a steady trickle of water in the bilge coming from under the floor hatch in the aft stateroom- right towards the back by the mirror (see x  on diagram)

It's pretty hard to tell where it's coming from as the opening is tiny and you can't really tell where anything leads to under there. Anyone have an idea what this might be coming from? 

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Rudder posts. Struts or tabs? Platform bolts ? Nothing much else down there unless you have other thru hulls.
Just thought. Where is your fresh water tank? 42's are right there.

I had a similar "leak"--but after looking closely at the stuffing box's, my starboard shaft appeared to be the culprit.  Still a small trickle--but manageable.  The Port shaft leaks forward into a closed cell outboard of the engine--in my 74 47 with the cummins package. I have the center King structure with fuel tanks in the center so unable to see directly where yours is indicating though. I have several access doors surrounding the bed in the floor allowing me to get to bilge pump and other through hull fittings. The rudder posts may also be contributing, but so far been unable to access.

As has been said - rudder post, trim tab arm. On mine, the trim tab arms leak a lot. Lift up the bed surface on each side and you should be able to see all 4 points. The original water tank is also behind the mirrored closet. Also in that area, the lazerette hatch has 2 drains that drain directly into the bilge there. On my 47 there are also two small scuppers in front of my wing doors - these also run to the stern of the boat and drain into the bilge. Also check for AC condensation drain, it could be run back there from the aft AC. One last place, although I expect it would run forward, is a seacock about 6' in front of the X you marked. Mine is not in use any longer, but I suspect it was originally used for the aft AC water source. One last suspect - the main scuppers in the aft corners of the deck run through that space and out a through hull - the hose on these could be cracked and leaking.

I think Steve figured it out -My guess is it's aft deck drain hoses- I had to replace all of mine-

Thank you all! will investigate these further...

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