Looking for the helm seat which was a bench seat for my 1968 47' Chris Craft Commander. Thanks for any help in this area.

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Probably going to be hard to find and easier to  copy.  Given that Chris was making large wooden as well as steel and aluminum  Roamers through  1968 and sometime later you might see if any are the same or reasonably compatible.  This would  give options for boneyard searches as well as Roamer and Constellation groups.

Good  luck  Tim  

These boats actually came with a chair from the factory not a bench seat. Many owners have added the bench seat, my boat's got one, because it's good for storage and for installing an ice maker. But they weren't original. Get one made. If I can take measurements or pictures or anything to help you out let me know!

Chris my 45' has the helm chair but I'd like to scrap it and add a bench. Do you mind snapping a few photos of yours from the front, rear and side? Glad you made it through the storm unscathed.



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