Years ago... what year was it? I attended the very first meet in Portsmouth, VA as and enthusiastic owner of a 67 31' Commander. Circumstances now have us on Lake Keowee near Clemson, SC and I'd like to find the best 31 Commander out there. Does one exist? That said I might also consider the 31 sports fish, but it need to be restored. 

Boat needs to be redone and ready to go Would like also for it to have been fresh water, and real wood interior, not the laminate.

I have seen the perfect 28ft on Yachtworld here but it's out of price range. Incredible boat. I would consider something like this but not at 100K.

Also considering a 31 Hatteras Cruiser but these are even harder to find.


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A Dopo. I suggest you look seriously at Classic 69 forsake on this site. Tom's boat is stunning. You won't be disappointed.

I think I talked to him, it does look great in the picture. If I recall, I told him I am looking for a great boat, and it seems he said something about the front widow or windows had cracks, but it could all be running together about this time....But it has the looks, period correct, etc.

Sterling Shriber said:

A Dopo. I suggest you look seriously at Classic 69 forsake on this site. Tom's boat is stunning. You won't be disappointed.

I agree A, Dopo.  Go look at it.  Start with the best boat.  If it is a truly pristine "original" it's worth every dollar. If the CONDITION is as nice as shown,  70% of any restoration is done.  You can't say no. Simply re-carpet and reupholster the interior, enjoy it and show it off for a couple of years.  The only way to do that is to see them all.  Most will be dogs.  One will be the hidden gem.  I've always loved the look of the sliding glass side windows in the helm area.  And remember,  In Louisiana, the brown water is the good stuff!

If this boat is still on the market this summer, I may go see it myself. Just a little ride from NH to LA.

And he has two spare 327's; not sure if they're included in the asking price.

I'm with you, Paul, I'd much rather have a boat that never needed restoring, than one that's been restored. Not counting electronics and safety items like thru-hulls - no need for antiques there. If our friend hasn't jumped on this boat, there's probably no boat that will suffice. But someone will get a lovely boat, wish it were me.

Hi matt, yes, I called bout it some time ago nice looking boat. One on the Great Lakes, wide body newer 502s just sold. The one above I may go see, although he said 55 was his number. 

Matt Cowles said:

Bump and post number 93. Donzi Sweet 16 being delivered tomorrow to satisfy that side of boating...

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