Around here, for brick and mortar marine stores, West Marine is the only choice. But do your homework before you go. I just paid $72.96 for shaft, rudder, and trim tab aluminum anodes. has the same exact anodes for $42.90.  If I had brought that proof with me, West would have matched those prices. Of course I didn't know that when I went. :-(

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Set up a Port Supply account with West Marine for wholesale (ish) pricing.....B

I’ve easily saved a couple thousand this year with price matching 

West marine will price match anything right from your phone in the store.the problem is they have their name on so many products and will not price match their own label

If you google on your phone right at the store they match it if it is identical product. Often cheaper than my port supply discount.

It’s a great deal. Just remember it has to be the exact brand and model that you are trying to buy at the store. I have gotten starters for instance but because the cheaper online was not a sierra they would not honor it.

Always bring a phone or tablet, or print ad with you. I have shopped at West Marine more in the last two months than I have in the last 3 years because they are price matching now. Most times I go in with the webpage loaded on my phone, get my items, and show them my phone at checkout. They dont even ask questions. They just change the price. 

For instance... Interlux Brightside quart size is listed at $51.44 at my local West Marine. I showed them my phone and got it at $31.99 because of the Wholesale Marine prices. 


Bring  your receipt with you, and the ad and get a refund. Our local West Marine will price match up to a few days after your purchase.

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