Just came across a 35 Express for sale near me. It looks a little rough ie. original, including the 427s. I'm pretty sure it's not worth this asking price ($28,995) but assuming no major issues, what would you estimate?

I'm not a fan of the off-white paneling, much prefer the stained mahogany, but 1969 seems to be a transition year. My 1969 is all stained wood.


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p.s. it appears to be a freshwater boat its entire life. I'll find out for sure when I see it in person. Although it does have fresh water cooling.

This boat is not a 1969. It is a 1970-72 model.  The giveaway was the pic of the helmstation and the all white interior.  This combo started in the 1970 model year.

Jim Rivas

Jim Rivas, the shift from mahogany to formica started in 1969, I'm not sure when the the helm was modified.  Is that helm the total command or whatever it was called, and is this your reason for estimating 70-71?

Jim Frens, the price is way out of line in this market and in my area for certain.  In 1994 mine was listed for about that price in the spring, by late fall of that year we were able to purchase it for about 60% of that price.  Of course it suffered from having the mahogany which would require varnish in the future and only had the 327F motors.  My guess is this will be available next spring and possibly next fall at that price.  Offer $15K contingent to survey and sea trial after inspection or you might not get a look and you may get a good counter.  It is hard to find comps on a model with only 225 hulls produced and probably around 200 remaining and very few changing hands.

Good luck,


That's kinda what I was thinking, 15-20k. I'm told it was in Florida for one year, I assume when new, and Lake Winnipesaukee NH ever since. Two owners, the last one only since 2015. So at least the shiny metal bits should be in good shape. The biggest unknown is the motors.

The motors are invincible until they aren't, Tim Toth's 35 has them and they are well exercised, not sure how many hours but I knew of a 38 with well over 4000 hours.  There are also horror stories of early death by yard mechanics.

Waiting for your report and good luck whichever way the visit goes.

Thanks. I'm not totally into a 35, I'd rather have a trailerable 31. I don't think I can haul a 35 with my Tundra. But it's not often a Commander comes up for sale around here.

At 11'3" beam the 31 is not very trailer friendly other than short distance winter hauling.  The 35 is very different, permits required semi trailer etc.  I love the 13' beam and large aft deck and the ride.

I would not tow a 35 with anything less than a 1 ton, it’s a significantly larger and heavier boat than a 31. Plus a 13’ beam puts you in a whole other realm when considering permits. 

Jim Frens said:

Thanks. I'm not totally into a 35, I'd rather have a trailerable 31. I don't think I can haul a 35 with my Tundra. But it's not often a Commander comes up for sale around here.

I tow my 27 to and from the marina spring and fall. I doubt a 31 would garner any more attention on the road than the 27. If I owned a 35, I'd be having it hauled and stored for winter at the river's edge like the other bigger boats in our marina. They all go up river a few miles where there is a storage facility. Of course that storage and shrink wrapping adds to the annual expenses, vs. storing in my driveway.

Gotta love mid mid-west, in water year around, no hauling and storage fees.  Good things about the 31's, there was a bunch made and lots of flavors to choose from.

After I bought the 382, I also bought my first 1/2 ton truck since I didn't have to worry about towing capacity. Love the ride, even when empty.

All true, but living in the mid-west is not in my future. We're going to Edenton NC next week to investigate and look at the real estate market, for a boat dock with a retirement house attached. ;-)  

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