After seeing the banner picture on this forum I decided I liked the look and had it done. I was really worried about impairing my vision from the helm, but these new films it's not like 15 years ago, pretty minimal impact.

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That looks really good. Any impact at night?
A little. I can still see about 85% of what I could before. The important stuff like channels markers still come through fine. The difference in the daytime is night and day, the helm area and cabin are so much cooler it's unrecognizeable, and I have some measure of privacy dockside without having to close the curtains. Taking the pluses and minuses, 100% worth it. The tint is 40% Lumar, it looks darker than it really is in the photos because it's a cloudy day and I have the back canvas sunshade down.
Here this is through the windshield, cloudy moonless night, no spotlights. Really just about the same as I could see before.

I like that a lot - I may need to get this done sooner than later as well.

Thanks for sharing the results.  I will add this to my list.

Agree. Looks good.

BTW is your 47' painted? It looks fantastic.

Yes, it is awlgripped, the former did it and it is holding up really well. All I let anybody use on it is awlcare, lasts pretty much indefinitely if you use that. If I ever paint a boat I'd use awlgrip again based on how this finish has held up.

I installed Huper Optic ceramic tint over 10 years ago when I replaced the window track. it makes a big difference!


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