Next week we will be reinstalling the windshield frame/hardtop on our 42 Commander. (We did not do the removal). I'm looking for a sealant recommendation for the connection between the frame and hull. We intend to move the boat at some point in the future (perhaps 10 years out)and will have to go through this again.

Any other advice from others who have completed this arduous task is welcome! The hardtop is still connected to the windshield frame... Thanks.

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Hi Tim, I used Dow Corning 795 from McMaster -Carr. . Putting the glass with frames back into the  main frame today. I polished the glass with cerium oxide. Cleaned and coated the aluminum with nyalic. 



Thanks Byron,
After researching,I'm going to try the 3M 4000 UV. Thanks for all your help!

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