I just finished two books, both by author Stuart Reininger.

"Confident Powerboating" written in 2008 is about all aspects of boat handling in normal, and especially in unusual, conditions. If you're a much experienced skipper, a lot of it may seem common sense but there is information that should be valuable to everyone.

"A Reef in Time - Waypoints of a Most Unlikely Sailor", written in 2014, is his autobiography and is fascinating. This guy has been through boating, and life, situations that have given him a unique perspective that would benefit all of us, no matter how much experience we have. Having read it, I'd love to sit down with him over a few cups of coffee. And I would try, except that I believe he winters in Florida. Maybe when he gets back to New England in the summer....

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 Thank you  for the recommendation Jim.  I've put them on my birthday present list...  

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