580 Commander

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Model years: 1987 and 1988

Serial numbers: CCBYH

Number of hulls built: 2 for sure and perhaps 3

Length x Beam: 58' 5" X 18'

Draft / Weight: Unknown / 68,000 lbs

Comments: The first 2 were built for G. Dale Murray (Chairman of company that owned Chris Craft at the time), and Dick Genth (president of Chris Craft).  Mr. Genth left the company before his was finished.  Mr. Murray's boat became part of the assets sold when Murray Chris Craft went into Chapter 11. The two persons on the back deck of the photo above are none other than designer (and club member) Dick Avery and his wife Maureen (in the fighting chair)!

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Comment by Charlene Pike on July 22, 2015 at 7:02pm

December 1985  Boating Magazine

It opens on page 66 but starts on page 64  and then continues on 134

December 1985  Boating Magazine

Here is the link:


Comment by Dick Morland on January 17, 2013 at 4:56pm

Check the picture of this model. The lady in the back deck fighting chair is Maureen Avery, and the guy standing beside her is her husband and designer of this boat, Dick Avery !

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