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The Chris Craft Commander Club logotype originates back to 2006 when the newly appointed Executive Committee had to deal with a number of issues regarding the former logo. The ex. governor, Dick Morland, mentioned the story to his friend and the Commander chief stylist Dick Avery. Avery proved eager as ever to help. He soon provided a number sketches on paper to the Executive Committee for scrutiny.

The preferred sketch was then passed on to Club members, and professional design wizards, Whitney Pillsbury and Josh Beatman, who digitized the logo and gave it its final design.

An important issue was our desire to incorporate the original Chris Craft logotype in the Club's logo. Chief Commander at the time, Chris Orphal, contacted Chris Craft and managed to get a “go ahead” blessing by none other than Steve Heese, President of Chris Craft. And, if that weren’t enough, Meghan Stout, Director of Marketing at Chris Craft offered the Club the service of “polishing” the logo at no charge.

The details:

So here we are. A new logo, designed by Dick Avery, the designer of the Commanders in the sixties, fine-tuned by Commander enthusiasts Whitney Pillsbury and Josh Beatman then Chris Craft's design department, and finally approved by Chris Craft President Steve Heese and showcasing the first fiberglass Commander. Now, that is a lot of heritage in one logo!

Dick Avery, Whitney Pillsbury, Steve Heese, Josh Beatman

Why change logo?

The first Commander Club logo was a very nice logo designed by one of the Club's founding members, Paul Pletcher in the days when the club was not much of a club but more of a mailing list on the net. The central element in this logo is the bow of a 38' Commander with the years 1964 and 1972 on either side. The logo came both in a light blue color and in black & white. 

Paul Pletcher kindly offered to transfer all rights to the Club once the Club got incorporated, which he did.

However, the old logo had a couple of small - but important - limitations. First, it did not feature the original Chris Craft logotype initially because, at the time, the owners of the Chris Craft logo were reluctant to grant anybody the right use of their logo. Even with Chris Craft's permission, adding the Chris Craft logo would have called for a major redesign of the logo since Chris Craft would most likely not accept that we had to "bend" their logo to fit in the round circle where the words "CHRIS CRAFT" appeared in the old logo. Secondly, members owning Commanders built outside of the time frame 1964-1972, questioned the relevance of specifying the years in the logo itself.

In context of this legacy the Executive Committee found that it would be in the best interest of the Club to have an entirely new logotype. In order to avoid that the "bow" logo would be used for other purposes than those in the interest of the Club, Paul donated the "bow" logo to the Club.


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Club News

New Executive Committee

The results of the executive committee election are now in. As from January 1, 2108 the executive committee will have the following members:

  • Chief Commander - Lee Dahlen
  • Treasurer  John Rose, New!
  • Web Master - Pam Sorensen, New!
  • Archivist - Charlene Pike
  • Membership Chair - Matt Cowles
  • PR-Chair --- John Heenan, New!

Read about our new executive committee here. 


Registration Is Open!!

City of Mentor, Ohio

What: 2018 Chris-Craft Commander Club National Rendezvous

When: July 27 - 29, 2018

Learn everything you need to know about the 2018 Chris-Craft Commander Club National Rendezvous by clicking the link below (You can register here too!!):

2018 Rendezvous Site


New Issue Available

The Fall 2017 issue of the Commander Club's newsletter, Styled In Fiberglass, is now available for download.  

Click here to download your copy.


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