Master Index SuperDisc 12.0– Search Issue

October 2017

Purchasers and users of SuperDisc 12.0,
We have discovered an anomaly in the way the Master indexes should work for some users. When you open one of the Master indexes (such as Master Subject Index) and scroll down till you find a archived post you would like to read, you double left click the blue number of the post and the HTML main document is opened by your default browser and you are taken to the particular post you selected. When you click the back arrow on your browser, you should be taken back to the spot in the Master Index where you were when you double left clicked on the post number you had selected. This is how SuperDisc has operated since its inception 12 years ago.
Shortly after the rollout of SuperDisc 12.0 in early February of this year, we noticed that computers that were using Google Chrome as a default browser were not returning the user to the original spot in the Master Index that he/she had come from. Rather, Chrome was returning the user to the very top of the index. Inasmuch as there are almost 18,000 posts in the index, and for the most part it is alphabetically indexed, searching for posts with information on things like varnishing, swim platforms, window gaskets, etc. put you pretty far down in the index. Whether you got there by scrolling down or dragging the far right slider down, it's a bit of work getting there. Then when you hit Chrome's back button you are taken to the very top of the index you are working with, and if you wish to further explore the area of the index you were in, you have to start the lengthy scroll or drag slider process all over.This could lead to comments not suitable for mixed company :-)
Fortunately, your archive committee has come up with a workaround for this problem which involves using any browser except Chrome. If you have Chrome as your default browser and wish to keep it that way, open the Master Indexes with another browser. In a Windows computer, right click on the Master Index. A small menu box will open. One of the choices in this box is "Open With". Hover your cursor over "open with" and another box will open. In this box you have some browser choices. My Windows 10 computer shows Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Left click on your choice in this group (except Chrome), and the Master Index will open and function normally. If you are already using one of these non-Chrome browsers you have no problem 'surfing' SuperDisc's indexes. If, however, you are not married to Chrome and could be happy with one of these other browsers, shortly after using one you will see a box open and ask if you would like to make XXXX your default browser. Click on 'Yes" and your SuperDisc index problem is over.
Your Archive Committee uses two Microsoft programs in the complete process of creating SuperDisc yearly updates. We exclusively use Microsoft FrontPage for the html (webpage) portion of SuperDisc, and Microsoft Excel for the index portion of SuperDisc. We have changed nothing in our methods & processes, nor have we updated anything. We are using the same computers for about the last 3 or 4 years. It appears to us that Microsoft and Google are not playing nicely together and unknown to us one of them has done something causing this anomaly.
We hope this workaround helps you in your usage of SuperDisc. We also hope someone out there in Commander Land will know an even easier way to make Microsoft & Google play nice together !

Char Pike, Archivist
Dick Morland, Ass't. Archivist

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