In Memory Of Warren Pateman

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Every once in a while you are blessed to meet someone that you grow to admire and respect for the way they approach and live life. I, like many of you, feel very fortunate to have known Warren even though it was primarily through this club and email forum. I think all of us hold Warren Pateman in very high esteem through our shared and individual contact with him through the Chris Craft Commander Club.

Initially, my admiration was for his stunning and unparalleled restoration of “Bambi”. Upon further exposure and shared interests, even greater appreciation is for Warren’s passion, vigor, and thoughtfulness by which he lived. I believe that the “Bambi” project is a very small representation of a man with diverse knowledge, experience and most evident kindness. He reached out to many of us and shared photo’s, ideas, book recommendations, and spoke of boating and family adventures with his wife - Del, children and grandchildren.

I felt, and continue to be, inspired by Warren’s passion, kindness and generous spirit. I hope that we (Chris Craft Commander Club) can honor him by doing for our current and future membership what Warren did for all of us; Inspire, encourage and support his contagious outlook on living and sharing. I am saddened for the loss that the family and close friends of Warren Pateman certainly feel, but most of all, I feel very fortunate to have met such a fine person through this Club.

Thank you Warren for touching the lives of so many of us – We will miss you.
Greg Gajcak

CCCC Member


Originally published by Greg on the CCCC discussion group and on the Commander Club website June 2006.

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