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SuperDisc 13.0 is now available!

Locate  the disc of your choice. If you need help determining which version is suitable for you click here.

If you already own a SuperDisc or Resource Collection Vol. 1, we invite you to order the Upgrade Edition.  We appreciate return customers.

To order your disc click on the "Buy Now" button. After clicking you will be transferred to PayPal's website for payment.  

Once on PayPal's site you can choose if you prefer to pay with your PayPal account or if you wish to use a credit card.

Shipping Information:  You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. You will also receive an e-mail when your superdisc is mailed via the U.S. Post Office.  The estimated ship date that PayPal might show is not accurate.

You will need to place a separate order for each item.

Ways to use SuperDisc

Contents of the SuperDisc and the Resource Collection 2.0

Superdisc 13.0 flash drive, $40.00


Superdisc 13.0, DVD $40.00


Superdisc 13.0, Upgrade, USB flash drive, $25.00


Superdisc 13.0 Upgrade, DVD, $25.00


Resource Collection 2.0, USB flash drive, $45.00


Resource Collection 2.0, DVD, $45.00


Resource Collection 2.0 Upgrade, USB flash drive, $25.00

For those that own Resource Collection Volume 1

Resource Collection 2.0 Upgrade, DVD, $25.00

For those that own Resource Collection Volume 1

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