The forward cabin is my daughters room, it has two small beds so it allows her to have a friend stay the night. One design criteria for the rebuild of the interior was that we wanted to be able to sleep two families of 4 comfortably.

This is what the forward cabin looked like when we purchased the boat. As you can see, there are large window covers with curtains and 4 120VAC lights in the room.

This room has a ton of storage, most of it in the 13 drawers - all of which had slides that were broken, very stuck or just did not work. Those track lights are great if you get cold!

The worst part of those window treatments was that they hid a lot of moisture and did not allow air movement; the result of course is mold. You can see a bit here between the portholes as we are taking things apart.

Looking better, ready for primer.

Mold resistant primer added to the walls that will get wallpaper. You can really see the difference between the white of the primer and the old paint.

Add some bead board to limit the amount of wallpaper and add some interest.

I sprayed all of the woodwork with a water based paint. Primer, then two top coats and two clear coats. This was my spray setup, a big fan with a furnace filter on it to suck out the paint in the air and a furnace filter on the intake. In this case the intake was the hatch in the forward head.

Starting to look better. You can't see it, but all of the drawers have new slides as well.

For a period of time, this room became the electrical store room.

This picture came out quite warm or yellow, but it shows the stainless steel risers we added to the stairs. You can even see the one in the kitchen if you look close.

We installed two 12VDC lights in place of the 4 120VAC lights, and it's plenty bright. You can see the Vimar (Eikon) switching we used throughout the boat and the new wallpaper. New bedding and pillows are also visible. The wood trim above the portlights to cover the cut headliner edge is missing in this picture.

Here is a wider view that also shows the new flooring. Still missing the trim on the floor hatch.

Last one, a side by side comparison, old to new.

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Comment by Steve on January 8, 2018 at 7:39pm

Brian has done fantastic work! I love your wing doors - I may have to copy them when I get to work on that level (not planned until Spring 2019).

Comment by Brian and Dawn Stone on January 8, 2018 at 6:37pm

thanks for sharing!!! giving me motivation!! if the weather ever breaks for more than one minute Brian will be back at ours!

Comment by Chris Wickersham on January 7, 2018 at 12:53pm

Looking good!

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