I'll begin at the bow of the boat and move aft as I post the changes we have made to our Commander. That makes the forward head first. This head is essentially the ensuite of our daughters cabin, but does get used by guests from time to time. As purchased, it had 120V lights (like the rest of the boat), and in this case they were on the bulkhead behind you as you look into the mirror - not ideal if you actually want to see your face in the mirror. This must have been a change made over the years as I found the original wiring in the anchor locker bulkhead, showing where lights were placed when the boat was built.

This bathroom also had a lift up floor, which exposed a stainless steel basin and drain. I expect this was for a shower at one time, but no other facilities (shower head for example) were around. We covered this over to hide that it was ever there.

The original molded sink was still present - let me tell you these do not come out easily! I ended up cutting it in half to remove it. Here is the head as we bought it:

The lovely 120VAC lighting, behind you.

I know these gold, scratched and tarnished taps are beautiful, but they have to go! Nice of the PO to leave us his soap...

Wallpaper off, sink out and ready to re-create! Painting has begun in this picture. The entire boat was very  cream colour - we went with more of a cloud white.

Add in some horizontal bead board to avoid having wallpaper everywhere....

Mock up with the lights and mirrors to verify we are on the right track. All of the new lights are 12VDC - we spend every weekend on anchor.

On both sides, the panels above the cabinets were very bowed, there really isn't any support behind them to hold them stiff, so those panels were replaced:

We decided to add custom stainless steel kick plates on many of the steps, it cleans it up and matches the look we are going for. In this picture we also have the vinyl click flooring in place - completely waterproof. I understand there can be issues with it in extreme heat, but we haven't experienced any problems yet.

New Corian counter top, stainless bar style sink and fancy faucet. The new wallpaper can also be seen.

The most complete picture so far.

Let's look at that side by side, old to new:

I still need to install trim around the bead board / wallpaper joint and paint and fix the ceiling trim and hatch (not to mention stop it from leaking), but this room is close to complete. All summer I kept meaning to get to the trim in this room and the forward cabin, but just never got to it. It's on the list for Spring 2018.

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Comment by Steve on January 4, 2018 at 8:58am

Thanks Paul, we ran the same flooring from the kitchen forward. 

Comment by Paul kidder on January 3, 2018 at 8:10pm

That floor really pops ! Great job !

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