By Dick Morland
As Commander owners we certainly know about the WOW factor when someone walking past our moored boats says something to the effect of "Wow, is that boat beautiful!" Another activity that will generate Wows is to be sitting near or on your boat splicing a dockline from either 3 strand or braided rope. "Wow ! You know how to do that?" There is yet another activity that will generate Wows, that being when you need to lasso a piling that is some distance from your boat. Many years ago when I was a mere pup, I had a boating buddy who was about 15 years older than me and clearly ex-navy. His most prized book on his boat was the Bluejacket Manual. He was also Mr. rope, lines, & knots. He knew virtually every knot used today, and could tie most of them behind his back. Watching him tie a bowline behind his back in about 5 seconds was truly impressive.

One day I had been assigned a new slip in our marina and I was trying to lasso a piling about 5 feet away when he said : "Alright kid, lemme' show you a trick for that". I loved the method he showed me and have used for at least 50 years. When I'm standing on the deck or stern of our boat and lasso a piling the first try, any spectator will give me a wow! So, in memory of my good friend LaVerne Breisch, I'm passing this method on to my friends in the Commander Club. It's explained and visualized in the video below. Please remember, I'm better at carburetors and lassoing pilings than I am as a video compiler & editor :-)

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City of Mentor, Ohio

The city of Mentor, Ohio and the Lawnfield Inn & Suites were wonderful hosts.  A special Thanks to Rob Kneen, the local member sponsor, and Char Pike for the hours of hard work put in organizing and coordinating an amazing weekend. 

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