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Announcing the Chris-Craft Commander Club 8th Annual Photo Contest!!

                     Photo Contest ends September 30th so send those photos in!!!!!

We encourage all members to "Hit Us With Your Best Shot" for a chance to win Commander merchandise from our Dock Shop. 1st prize of $100 worth, 2nd prize of $75 worth, or 3rd prize of $50 worth of Commander merchandise from our Dock Shop. This includes a CCCC Archive 1-year membership ($36 value) and Burgees.

This contest challenges members to send us their most creative digital photos featuring at least a recognizable portion of a Chris-Craft Commander. As long as a portion of a Commander is shown, any subjects (such as landscape or sunsets) are allowable.

The contest will run until September 30th, 2022..  A panel of judges, from the Executive Committee, will judge the entries and select the top 10 entries. The final vote will be put out to the membership to choose the top three entries. These photo submission entries will constitute the Commander Club’s permission to use these photos in any way helpful to the Club, an example of which could be inclusion in a future Calendar or Styled In Fiberglass, etc.  

These submissions must be in digital format, must have been taken in 2022, and should be at least 2 MB in file size. Landscape and portrait orientation are both acceptable, but landscape is required for photos to be a considered for a future Calendar page. E-mail your submissions, including details of the boat in the photo(s), to Webmaster Pam Sorensen at webmaster.commanderclub@gmail.com.                   Learn More


Classifieds Remodeled

 During last year’s migration to the latest Ning platform, our Discussion Forum and Classifieds Forum were comingled. We have now split the 2 forums, but you access both forums via the same menu options. 

Does this really offer us anything new?? It does!!!  The classifieds are much better organized now. When you go into Classifieds, you will now see 3 different classifications:  For Sale, In Search Of, Free.

All Discussions:  When clicked, you will see all classified entries

For Sale:  Items that  are being offered for sale.

In Search Of:  Items  for which members are looking.  If you are trying to sell an item, check the In Search Of to see if someone might be looking for what you are trying to sell.

Free:  Items being offered for free.  For many of the items , the “Seller” wants you to pay shipping but the item is free.

You add Classifieds the same way, but when  you add a new Classified, you will be asked to select the appropriate category.

If you want to be notified when anything new is added to the Classifieds forum, then go to the Classifieds page, scroll to the  bottom and click Follow.   

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 Styled In Fiberglass


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