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 Styled In Fiberglass is Now Available!! 


 The Fall 2022 issue of Styled In Fiberglass is now availabe for your reading pleasure. In this issue, we get an amazing look at the process Chris Orphal went through while building a gorgeous new seat for his aft deck. We have started a new Styled In Fiberglass feature in which we will share a topic from the CCCC Archive.  In this issue, we follow along with Past Chief Commander, the late Dick Morland, as he winterized his 427s.  We hope you enjoy these artices, along with several others, incuded in this issue.

If you have an idea for an article in a future issue, please  reach out to our PR chairpersons and Editors Mark & Donna at PR.Commanderclub@gmail.com.

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 Photo Contest Results Are In!

Congratulations to this year's photo contest winners: 

First Place:  Brent Fairman                                   

Second Place:  Robert Langley                     

Third Place:  Mike watson

Thanks to everyone that entered the contest.

Winning Photos- Click Here


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