1967 Commander 38 - For Sale

1967 Commander 38 - For Sale       Asking $32,000

Listing this vessel for a long time customer of ours. Owner is moving and the boat must go. Hope Marine Services 47392 Hwy 200  Hope, ID 83836  

This boat is currently a 7+ out of 10. The original 427 engines ( both tired, one had cracked block ) were replaced with properly rebuilt Ford 390's using most original accessories and cooling ( raw water - no heat excahngers ). The transmissions were rebulit by Harbor Marine in everett, Wa. Starters replaced. Ignition updated to Pertronix. The rear deck from the helm bulkhead aft has had most of the support wood replaced and lifted to original height and additional SS supports added. There is some wood damage on the side walls, either side of helm as well some wood rot in the forward berth below windows  This vessel has spent most if not all of its life in freshwater. DC electrical system has newer Blue Sea panels. The AC power is old style breakers. All systems currently function normal and safely. The boat runs out wonderfully. No trailer. More Pics available.

Contact Matt  - hopemarineservices@gmail.com

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