42 Commander Toe Rail Templates - '67 - '72

I'm not sure how to start this but... 

This year I finished replacing the teak toe rail (lower) on our 1967 42 Commander.  As part of that process, I used the old toe rails to make a set of templates.  The 12 total templates are made out of 1/4' hardboard, and the longest one is about 12.5'. If you are replacing your toe rail, these will save you an emense amount of time.  Each piece is slightly longer than the board it replaces, allowing for some fudge factor after cutting/routering.  There are no holes in them except for the two transom boards for the fuel fills. These templates do not include the outside trim pieces.  The templates will fit years 1967 - 1972.

10807356466?profile=RESIZE_584xAnd here is a picture of the initial drawings and rough measurements of each board:

10807357699?profile=RESIZE_584xMake an offer to buy or borrow them, but I'd hate to toss them in the trash.  They took a fair amount of time to make and sand them smooth so the curves are nice and flow well from one board to the next.  I'd hate to have someone in our club go through this kind of work when I have them sitting here.  Of course, I've documented the process in a post to the club, but any other info you need to do this project, I'm more than happy to discuss!

I can't imagine shipping them, so local pick up would be best - I'm located west of Chicago. 


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  •  Please...do not throw them out!  Great picture of the size of the boat in your driveway, btw.  I've been refinishing the original wood every few years but it's possible I'll have to replace them one day.   I need to find the documentation of this process and see what you did.  Is there a way for me to buy copies?  I have absolutely no need for them presently but it would be great to keep them in my boat files...Mark de Waal, Grand Rapids, MI  mtdewaal@gmail.com

  • Hi Mark, 

    I won't toss them that's for sure.  As the boats get older, more people will need to do this project, so I'm happy to try and save some work.  Not sure how I'd make copies... Copies of the paper you mean?  No issues on that part if that's what you mean...


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