427 Raw Water Cooling System Hose Kit

427 Cooling System Hose Kit $25 + shipping
Almost complete hose kit for raw water cooled Chris Craft 427.

Here is the rundown of what’s needed and what’s missing (in red). Basically, you will still need one 1” 90 deg. elbow, one 1 1/4” 90 deg. elbow and 28” of 1” dia. Hose (e.g. Gates Green Stripe) for a complete hose replacement.  The 1" Gates 20896 is simple, one elbow and some straight stock per P/N.  I found the Mallory 1 1/4" 9-44058 P/N to be a good option as each yielded 2 elbows and a good sized straight piece.  Unfortunately, the Mallorys are not around anymore as far as I know and I never found the cross-reference replacement from another hose manufacturer.  There are more than enough of the 3”, 4” and 4 ½” straight pieces included in this set.


Bottom line, you’ll need to procure the missing pieces for a complete re-do. But it’s still a great deal for $25 + minimal shipping cost (hoses are light).

Call me at 312 375 4265 or email:  keithferrio@gmail.com


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