I have some parts left over from the repower of my 1973 47 Commander originally powered by Cummins VT8370Ms.  I figure these parts are more important to another 47 Commander owner with the same power.

My boat was sold new in Cleveland, spent the first half of its life in the Great Lakes and the remainder docked in a river at the upper end of the Chesapeake.   Engine hours were less than 1000, it was repowered due to lack of parts to repair a perforated liner on port engine.

This is what I have available.

1) Original pair of props, 4 blade, reworked to  26.375"x28"x1.75" bronze.   Reported to be vibration free from previous owner, tips show slight burring.Update - props have sold.

2) Newer single piece 1.75" prop shaft, with transmission coupler.

3) Original two piece 1.75" prop shaft, muff coupler and transmission coupler.  Note the muff coupler needs a new outer sleeve (appears to be standard sized copper pipe).

4) Port engine dry exhaust riser, stainless steel.

5) Starboard engine dry exhaust riser, stainless steel. Damaged at the turbo end as I had to cut it off the turbo to pull the engine.

6) Port and Starboard stainless steel 90deg exhaust elbows that go between the vertical water injection point on the dry risers and the fiberglass exhaust tubing at the aft engineroom bulkhead.

7) Original Engine Isolators - while these are 50 years old, if you really need one and are in a bind...

8) Original Engine Mount Wedges, Cast Aluminum - note one is cracked.


All parts are currently located in the Toronto area, photos on request.    Please contact me if you are interested at delta88_75 at hotmail.com




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  • Update - props have sold and shipping to FL tomorrow.

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