Commander Parts Liquidation - Part 2

I sold my 1967 Chris Craft 31’ Commander Sports Express, “Commander & Chief”, this spring after 26 years and I'm cleaning out all the stuff I've accumulated over the years.  Here is the last lot of items.  Contact me at or text 312 375 4265 if you have any questions.

Cabin Wall Liner $150 + shipping
If your Commander is still sporting the original cabin wallcovering and/or could use a refresh that’s consistent with the original Chris Craft look, I have a big roll of high quality, commercial grade vinyl wallcovering that might interest you.

I used this on my 1967 Commander and I think it came out excellent. I had to buy a large full roll and I only needed to do the V berth area on my 31’ Sports Express. I wound up with 45 linear feet of leftover material. The roll is 54” wide so the total coverage would be 203 square feet or 22.5 square yards.

Here are some pics of the wallcovering and how it looks installed. The color is white background with light tan(?), off-white(?) striations. The white background is not yellowish like the original (or was the yellow just due to age?) and it brightens up the space. The loose fabric pic was taken in daylight and it looks like the true color isn't coming through on the close up picture. I can send you a swatch if necessary.

I used spray glue and staples on the backside of the removable panels, HD wallpaper paste on the fixed bulkheads.

If you’ve priced commercial grade vinyl wallcovering you know it’s not cheap.10922994674?profile=RESIZE_710x



427 Cooling System Hose Kit $25 + shipping
Almost complete hose kit for raw water cooled Chris Craft 427.

Here is the rundown of what’s needed and what’s missing (in red). Basically, you will still need one 1” 90 deg. elbow, one 1 1/4” 90 deg. elbow and 28” of 1” dia. Hose (e.g. Gates Green Stripe) for a complete hose replacement.  The 1" Gates 20896 is simple, one elbow and some straight stock per P/N.  I found the Mallory 1 1/4" 9-44058 P/N to be a good option as each yielded 2 elbows and a good sized straight piece.  Unfortunately, the Mallorys are not around anymore as far as I know and I never found the cross-reference replacement from another hose manufacturer.  There are more than enough of the 3”, 4” and 4 ½” straight pieces included in this set.


Bottom line, you’ll need to procure the missing pieces for a complete re-do. But it’s still a great deal for $25 + minimal shipping cost (hoses are light).


427 Exhaust Manifold to Riser Nuts, Bolts & Threaded Studs - $Free
Ziplock bag with an assortment of nuts and bolts for exhaust manifold and exhaust riser interfaces.
Free to a good home as the saying goes.  Just pay the shipping.


Taylor Made 24 x 36” U.S. Ensign Flag $20 w/free shipping
As new U.S. ensign flag. Used once for a yacht club fleet review (we normally flew a bit larger stars and stripes flag). $35 on Amazon.



Red Morse Shift Control Knob $Free
The title says it all. Free to a good home. Pay the minimal shipping ($5-$6) and you’ll still save $10. Why don’t the sell the green (starboard) knobs anymore?!


Original Commander Sports Express Fly Bridge Seat Frame – $25
Stainless steel tube frame for Chris Craft Commander flybridge seat. Includes original hold-down brackets. This particular frame came off of a 27” Commander Sports Express. I purchased it for my 31’ Sports Express that had a non-standard bench with storage box underneath. I previously replaced the bench/box with modern pedestal bases and never got around to installing it. The frame measures 30” wide x 30” tall. The seat base is 12” tall.

The 27’ has a narrower beam than the 31’. I don’t think Chris Craft would have stocked 2 frames that were only slightly different in dimension. Perhaps someone on the CCC club website could shed some light on this question if needed.

The $25 is really just to cover the cost of whatever frame/box is needed to package this oddball shaped thing for shipping. If nobody wants it, it’s headed for recycling.



Windshield Glass Setting Tape $Free
Two rolls of non-adhesive rubber glass setting tape. 1 roll 1/32” thick x about 7’. The other 3/64” thick by about 8’. I used this for resetting the windshield fixed side panels (triangle shaped) in their frame. This stuff runs $1.20/ft. Just pay the nominal shipping. If you need more, the source is


One man's junk is another man's treasure!


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