Cutlass Bearing Press Tool

Cutlass Bearing Press Tool $10 +shipping

I can’t take credit for the basic design, but I did fabricate this tool for pressing cutlass bearings in and out of Chris Craft shaft struts.  I used it several times on my 31' Sports Express and it worked great.  The tool is sized for a 1 3/8” prop shaft.  You may have to change the size of the guide tube and/or the black 1 ¼” socket that presses on the cutlass bearing metal sleeve to accommodate different strut/shaft sizes.



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  • I need this tool ! Shipping would be to 92138 ? Cost please? Thank you.

  • Shipping from Chicago to San Diego would be $25.80.

    Contact me by email at  if you are interested.

  •  Nice tool. I would be interested if Lonnie passes. I'm probably late to the game.

    Shipping to Delaware?


  • Craig Collins 

    If its already sold you can purchase a unaversal one that will work on several different size cutlass bearings from Minderman Marine Minderman Marine Products Inc.

    Minderman Marine Products Inc.
    Minderman Marine providing props, boat hoists, boat yard carriers, custom machining and fabrication.
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