I'm in the mood for a Roamer

Yes, I know, I like pain, but besides the unspeakable awfullness that is keeping an aluminum or steel hull, I'm a sucker for the Roamer lines. If anybody knows of a Regal for sale, with that glorious 15 foot beam, please let me know. That's it.

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  • You are in luck.1968  41 ft Royal  Reagal Roamer. In great shape with Perkinns 8 cylinder Send me a email David 

  •  David, can't find an email for you. Should I contact you at the phone number listed on your personal info?

  •  Give me a call 312.371.7524 please text me 1st



  •  Sent my email as well....

  • There was one for sale in Milwaukee WI at the Horny Goat Marina. 414-384-8300. Curt is the owner of the Marina. 

This reply was deleted.

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