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CC Lancer Ski Tow Hook Wanted

Does anyone have one of these thay would be willing to part with.  I have tried the usual CC used part sources but no luck.  Thank You!   P…

Started by Paul A Mathias

8 Jul 15, 2013
Reply by Mike Yancey

38 Express re power

i want to repower my 38 commander  any thouhgts on what to go with   im running 454 marine power now 330 hp  any info on 502 s  also want t…

Started by scott boecker

2 Jul 14, 2013
Reply by scott boecker

47 Windshield and Parts

I have owned several wonderful Chris Crafts over the years and now have inherited a 1975, 47' Commander. However, it is missing the clear p…

Started by Kenneth Smith, Jr.

2 Jul 12, 2013
Reply by Quentin


Windshield opener - electric motor

Byron Smith reported on July 10, 2013 Here is my response from Bennett Last week, I am having issues with the motor to open the windshield.…

Started by Charlene Pike

2 Jul 10, 2013
Reply by Quentin


Engine Differences - F, Q and comparison to Marine Power

Eppa Hunton asked in another discussion on July 3, 2013: Can anyone give me a definition of an "F", a "Q" and compare to a Marine Power eng…

Started by Charlene Pike

7 Jul 10, 2013
Reply by Dave Bernard

Fuel Economy 8V71 350 HP Twin

Can anyone tell me what kind of fuel mileage I should expect from my 8V71 350 HP engines running at about 1000 to 1200 RPM. I am trying to…

Started by Allan McInnis

3 Jul 9, 2013
Reply by Lawrence J. Capriotti

Engine Blocks - marine vs auto

A few of us were sittin on the dock last night when a question popped up.  What is the difference between the 350 cu in marine block and th…

Started by JP Duda

2 Jul 9, 2013
Reply by Lawrence J. Capriotti

Finally - 2013 Splash!

*sigh*  After a L O N G spring worth of work from the rubrail down, this weekend marked the splash of our 1967 42 Commander!  It took a lot…

Started by Chris Orphal

5 Jul 9, 2013
Reply by Chris Orphal

Refinishing wood

I am in the process of refinishing the wood around the steering wheel, door, top by windshield, and sides in the cock pit area or helm area…

Started by Donald M. Wright

8 Jul 9, 2013
Reply by Chris Orphal

31 Prop Shaft Woe and Questions

Cruising home from watching fireworks at St. Helens (OR) I heard a loud BANG followed by an abrupt pull to the port side.  The port side en…

Started by Steve Polson

7 Jul 8, 2013
Reply by Darin H


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6th Annual CCCC Photo Contest Winners

1st Place: Mark Struebing, Michigan USA       Model:  1969 35 Sports Cruiser

2nd Place:   Kristian & Jacqueline, Illinois, US             Model:  1967 27' Commander Custom

3rd place:  Dawn Stone, Michigan, US                     Model:  1970 55' Commander


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