Hello all! I'm the proud new owner of a 35' Express and am in the process of going through all the systems. The freshwater system was removed somewhere along the way and converted to a dockside-only set up. I am hoping to use the boat for weekends away from the dock and therefore would like to re-install a water tank and pump. Can anyone tell me where the tank was originally located? I'm guessing it was under the aft hatch near the transom, but I haven't been able to verify this. Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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No idea where it was originally, Ryan, but mine is exactly where you said. In the lazarette, down in the keel, recessed below those stringers. There's a plywood platform that sits on top of mine to aid storage.

I think all the 1968's water tanks are centered just aft of the fuel tanks, accessed through the lazarette hatch.  It is 60 or 70 gallons and too large for normal needs.  Normal being only a day or two  on the hook unless you are pretty extravagant.  The tank appears identical  to  the  galvanized  fuel  tanks except  for the fill cap on top and drain on the bottom, both are centered.

The pump is stbd about even with the trans.  On mine there is a  check above the pump to prevent  pumping out the  inlet which strangely is a male fitting.

Welcome to the club and  welcome  aboard the 35 fleet.


Thank you so much for the replies! Can you tell me where the waste tank sits? My current setup has the waste tank as an integrated part of the head and isn't big enough for our needs. Thanks again!
Mine sits all the way forward under the v berth.
Here is the brochure: https://api.ning.com/files/wxCEbQY1djqm7AzzOIWvnSPe5ugdRByRFS4rkc0J...__It says 50 gallons. On my '68, the fresh water tank is a heavy walled round tank behind the fuel tanks as described by Tim. It seems right sized, I can empty it in a weekend of 4-5 showers, plus the head is fresh water fed on mine. I don't drink or cook from it.
I can' imagine how they got that original tank out of there. You sure it is missing?

I wonder if this was a later location, Greg G was located there also, other possibility is that was where they put it with the 427 option.  Chris was yours the big tank in the back or tank in the Vee?

Matt Cowles said:

Mine sits all the way forward under the v berth.

Ryan my waste tank is on a platform that extends from the aft of the head compartment to about even with the aft of the hanging locker in the salon.  It is plastic and probably is about 15 gallons.  It has an inspection port aft.  The inlet (top) and discharge (bottom) are fwd.  There is a cabin support above it and it is longer than the supports so it can't be removed and replaced without dissection.
If you want to really upgrade find the dissertation by The Curmudgeon Morland on the 38' Patty Wagon's head and holding tanks system.  He also had a dissertation on the water tank system he installed.  Possibly I am confused but I am pretty sure he had a modified tankage system for holding as well.

I am thinking it was an installation of a Vac-U-Flush.

Do you have deck connection for holding tank discharge?  Strangely I have two, one connected on the port walkway by the head and one not used on the fwd deck.

Ryan Venhuizen said:

Thank you so much for the replies! Can you tell me where the waste tank sits? My current setup has the waste tank as an integrated part of the head and isn't big enough for our needs. Thanks again!
I have two deck connections as well, except one is on the port walkway right by the head and the other is located on the deck in the cockpit by the transom on the starboard side. Matt, is there any issue with tank odors in the v-berth? I have room up there but am concerned it would stink. Bruce, yes I'm sure there is no water tank or holding tank besides the small one I mentioned under the head.
Thanks again for all the help!

Ryan, look at your hull side in the area  of  the head.  The tank will need a vent to the outside for flushing, the displaced air has to  go somewhere.  The pump out caps do have a vent hole as well.  If you have the side vent it probably  was fitted with the tank in the bilge.

Ryan - I've never had a single issue with odors (knock on mahogany). But I also have a vacu-flush system. Not sure how that compares to original equipment in terms of performance.
All I know is how my '68 is set up. Mine has the factory shower option, not all of them had that. It also has no factory through deck fittings, I don't think any of those through deck fittings on your boat were there when the boat left the factory. The head would have not had a holding tank when new either. The water tank on mine is under the rear hatch, a heavy walled circular tank, probably 1/4" or better thick. The only way to remove that tank would be to cut it up or pull the fuel tanks out first to pull it out the engine hatches. That is why I am surprised it is MIA.

After almost 50 years, there have been a lot of changes made by previous owners. Laws on heads have changed. I can still use a purasan treatment system on the Tennessee river, that is a real luxury not to have to pump the head or deal with a holding tank.

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