New member here looking to purchase a 1968 35 Commander Express. I found this boat on Facebook marketplace located near Oscoda, MI. Current owner since mid 1980’s. Unfortunately I did not get the Hull number. Current owner has health issues and has not used boat in 3 years but boat is launched and welled every year. Motors are 427’s, owner states they have never been rebuilt, hour meters show 1600+ hrs each.Boat shows very dirty since it has not been maintained very well for past few years, but bilges are clean and free from any oil and strong odors, the headliner in cabin as well as over hard top is not ripped or torn, all interior fabrics look original without rips or tears, dinette cushions slide and drop.The interior is mostly original except for newer refrigerator. There is some plywood rot around the fwd cabin port side port hole, not too concerned about that. The interior mahogany wood and trim is all in very good condition with no evidence of rod around side cabin windows. Floors all feel solid. The mahogany around cockpit under hard top is all in good condition and well maintained. The only canvas is a drop curtain with sides that will require replacement. 

I was able to see the boat out of the water, the hull is sound and solid around shaft logs. There are a few large areas of past and current hull damage, one large gouge, owner states happened this year when boat was launched and one area just below the rub rail that looks like it was rubbing against a hard point on a piling or dock. 

So, my question..what is it worth? They are currently asking just below $20k. 

In the past I have owned an ‘87 34’ Sportfish, 2001 38’ Cruisers and last a 2014 Center Console. I am a USCG Unlimited Tonnage Master with 20+ years sailing experience, so not afraid to get my hands dirty with a project. 

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Start  at $15000 or less.  Not  because  of  value  but  do  to market. To my mind, with  some  basis, this  is  the  best  design  of the  Commander series, perhaps  I am prejudiced  as an  owner.  The   427 engines  are nearly  bullet  proof  but  not  owner  proof!   

This  is  an  owner  friendly  boat, all systems  have  good  access and  the  price  may  be  fair  in  that  market  but hull damage, no  matter  how  incurred, is a definite  negative.

Feel  free  to  contact  me.


Congratulations on considering the sexiest boat CC ever made (bias acknowledged). Agree with all Tim said, but wouldn’t be afraid to start with an absurd offer, especially if it’s been sitting a while. One advantage you have here is it’s a ‘68 with the solid mahogany interior. They only did that for a couple years on the 35 before switching to laminate.

Thank you for your opinions. I will most likely make an offer soon, just need to talk the admiral into the project. I agree the full mahogany interior makes these boats, so much more pleasing than the laminate. The motors are a concern but as said, and from what I have read, these are great motors if maintained properly. 

Thanks again, I’ll let you know when and if I become the care taker of a Commander.

I would spend an hour or 2 getting compression numbers.....motors  in these are easy access and I would wait on any offer til you have those numbers. IMHO the only thing that can catastrophically kill these boats is when a motor goes and a$10k rebuild has to be considered for a boat that will still be worth $20k after you do it....

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