This very famed Commander has just gone up for sale in the Fort Lauderdale area. I can only hope that someone from the club can buy her.

 I have been following this very boat since May of 1977 when she was being made ready at the Chris Craft factory site in Pompano Beach, FL to the present time. This has been now 41.5 years. NO ONE in this club knows this vessel any better than me.   Her visual looks are simply outstanding. The amount of TLC that she has had through the years has been EXQUISITE.  This boat is in better than new boat condition, maintained as to First Class Yacht Standard.
Jim Rivas

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And they have pirated my pictures for this listing again.

Viewed this vessel on YW. Can someone give me the history as it the “famed” part? Listing makes no mention of anything. 

It is the last of the Commander 55s ever made, hull number 43. There are less than 30 of them left in the world, some experts believe the number to be closer to 20, and this one is the "newest" one of them all. Besides that, I remember this boat as being in amazingly pristine condition, so all in all, I would say it is the best Commander 55 out there.

Haha.... you haven’t seen Grand Illusion in Grosse Ile yet... talk about one hell of a resto! Wait til she’s done and you’ll be amazed! If you want a peek look up member Dawn Stone. She photos every step! That one is coming back from the almost dead!
She look beautiful! I wonder if the pictures are a true picture of her condition.

I think at $120,000.00 they are overpriced.  I know David Hunter has his priced at $90,000.00 since November of 2016 and it still hasn't sold.  They are beautiful boats but in this market it is hard to sell these big boats.  I think they are going to have to do a major price reduction to sell it.

The 55 is a little bit similar to the Hatteras 53 but the Hatteras has way more living space, and probably more beam also. Then again, a Hatt in nice condition goes for a lot more $$, like 150-200k. 

I watch Yachtworld a lot and I really don't see anything this size or bigger selling.  With the Fed raising interest rates again I don't thing the market is going to pick up for them either.  Plus at this age it isn't easy to get a loan on these boats.

Hello Jim:

The original layouts of both these boats was extremely similar when they were initially introduced.  That was plan “A” on the 55’.  Have you ever been aboard a 55’ that has the interior layout plan”B”??  An enormous improvement in living space over plan A and was very competitive to the 53.  Contrary to your understanding, the 55 had more beam at 16’6” versus the 53 at 15’10”.  Are you comparing the 55 with the 53 Classic version or the 53 ED (Extended Deckhouse) ??  There is a definite difference between the two 53’s.  The 55 was far and away the better performer using the very same propulsion while also being heavier.  Then again the Hat has a higher price but must one see and experience hull # 43 in order to understand why the 55’ is the superior boat.

Jim Rivas 

Jim Frens said :The 55 is a little bit similar to the Hatteras 53 but the Hatteras has way more living space, and probably more beam also. Then again, a Hatt in nice condition goes for a lot more $$, like 150-200k. 


I never said the Hatteras was bigger or better than the Chris Craft, I happen to like the both boats but for different reasons.  I think the Hatteras prices are way out of line, I know the people over on Sams would give me a huge argument on that but you sure don't see many of those selling at the outrageous prices they are asking for them.  I happen to think that with the market for these boats and interest rates rising they are going to have to do a dramatic price drop in order to sell a boat this size.  

I know if my health was okay and I was looking for a boat I'd take a long hard look at this one or David's.  Although if I made an offed it won't even be close to $120,000.00.

I really don't think interest rates have much bearing on sales of 40 year old boats. First of all hardly anyone will finance a boat at that age and almost all the buyers of such vessels have cash


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